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Symbion Testimonials


Results may vary.


Hi Mark...Greetings from Illinois. I just wanted to drop an quick email to you and your wife with an updated report regarding my yeast treatment. I was taking the ThreeLac for quite awhile, but it seemed like I came to a stand still with that. I then got your email regarding your information on the Symbion. I emailed you asking if I should get on it and how much should I take. You got back to me right away and I started the new plan with the Symbion. I have to say after 2 weeks on the Symbion I started turning totally around with the yeast! I finished up my ThreeLac and just started using the Symbion. It has pushed me over the hump I could not get over with just the ThreeLac. The ThreeLac brought me a very long way though. I am getting better and better now weekly on the Symbion. This is truly a God send and I so wish everyone battling severe yeast could find out about this. I also wish that Doctors could find out about this and put their patients with yeast on it. People have spent thousands of dollars with Doctors trying to get rid of this beast through Doctors and it is so sad and such a total waste of money. I know as I spent $8,000.00 last year trying to get rid of the yeast and get well. Total waste of money...


But I just wanted to thank you and your wife once again for helping so many people and for putting so much of your own time into this to help others. You will be greatly blessed in doing this. I can not tell you after a year and a half of no life and feeling like I was dying what it is like to feel good again and to be getting my life back! It is a miracle!!!


I will stay on the Symbion now at 2 a day for a good maintenance program. Thank you so much again and thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone to tell me how to knock out my bladder infection without antibiotics. Was such valuable information!!!!!! Take care and stay healthy! Sincerely...Bonnie B.

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This is a great product - my wife has had SIBO for three years and Symbion is (finally) the only lactobacillis product to effectively recolonize her upper GI tract. After six rounds of antibiotic treatment for klebsiella 4+ and a host of other dangerous pathogens- we tried several other products before yours after each round of antibiotics and none worked. We found Symbion, used it for the past two rounds of antibiotic treatment, and her lactobacillis counts are WAY up along with other beneficials, and the pathogens are under control and staying down. Blessings upon you.


William D.

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I struggled with extreme muscle and joint pain, on some days my pain was so bad that I had to crawl down the hallway or have my husband carry me to get to the bedroom. I had chronic yeast and urinary tract infections, chronic sinus problems, anxiety and insomnia, I had major intestinal problems, I had major acid reflux and stomach problems. I was sick for approximately 6-9 months and no doctors were able to help me, the doctors kept giving me more antibiotics and I was getting sicker and sicker. I was researching holistic health remedies and was referred to the symbion website and decided it couldn't hurt to try. I went off all antibiotics and started taking the symbion and little by little I was getting better. My pain went away and I no longer deal with all the infections I was chronically getting. I am sleeping so much better now. I don't completely understand what made me get better, but I know it was after I started the symbion and I never want to get ill like I was last year ever again, so I continue to take symbion and will never stop!


I started with the symbion 2 capsules a day and slowly built to 6 a day. It took a few months to get to where I am at now, but I believe the Symbion is what helped me get better. Last year I was chronically ill for 12 months, 9 of which I was so ill I was unable to work and had to quit my job. 3 months after starting the symbion I started working again and little by little I got better. I am now sleeping well and feeling great and just a few months ago I started running again. After the year I had last year, I never thought I would be able to run again, and I am amazed that I can. I’m 90% better and I am so thankful for finding Symbion!



Results may vary.




My symptoms were related to leaky gut, allergies, and candida


Symbion for life has made major improvements in my digestive system. I have come a long way (I’m at about 60% improvement so far), but still have a long way to go...Thank you for your product.



Results may vary.


Dear Sir,


I am a 40 year old male taking 3 capsules of Symbion per day for very bad sinus pain, i thought i was allergic to gluten. Also, bad heartburn.


Great product – I’m 95% recovered from my symptoms. I think one latent benefit is that my skin Is clearer. Ever think of marketing this to zit-ridden teenagers?



Results may vary.




I am taking Symbion for my CANDIDA! I’m at least 80% rid of it so far.


Symbion has been the only product that has taken care of my problem. It has saved my life.. Great product!!!




Results may vary.


Dear Sir,


I am a 60 year old taking 2 Symbion a day with great results for my very bad constipation, fatigue, and muscle aches. So far, I’m about 70% better in my symptoms.


My Husband discovered your product on the Internet, several years ago and I have not stopped using it. It has helped a great deal in how I feel. We will be placing another order in the next day or so.


Thank you,


Results may vary.




I worked my way up to six capsules a day and wanted to report my results to you folks.


For 5-6 years an inner-ear itch and crackling sound - completely gone. 100%


I have not had a cold or any sickness in the last two years since taking Symbion (I have six children and am exposed to sickness quite a bit) 100%


-        dry itchy skin no longer a problem 100%


John H.

Results may vary.




I’ve noticed significant improvement on the itchy skin and breakouts. I have been without the symbion for 1 month though and have noted a rapid decline in my level of relief, so am back on it and up to 6 capsules a day now. Have been introducing problem foods just after a couple of weeks of taking symbion faithfully, so I probably would have done better steering clear of gluten for a while longer.


I also have my daughter taking it as well, she is 10. with severe itchy skin and stammering associated with gluten and wheat intolerance. While on symbion her skin cleared and the stammering lessoned while she ate what she wanted.


We are very happy with the results and intend on continuing our regimen with symbion.



Results may vary.


Dear Sir,


I am a 48 year old woman and have been taking 4 Symbion capsules a day now for relief of my migrains and digestive problems.


I tried this because I happened to find your website. I liked what I read so I tried it and it really works (I’m 98% better). My migrains are gone and my stomach pain after eating cucumbers and acidic foods is also gone. I do not know if other products will have the same outcome but do not care to find out. I have stopped taking my prescription for migrains - it is so much better not having them than having one and taking a pill and waiting for it to go away.




Results may vary.




I started with the Symbion a little over two weeks ago and I am completely sold. It's great stuff! My situation includes moderate Cron's. The Symbion seems to have made a huge difference. The most blatant sign is clearing of acne, but there is also a remarkable lack of abdominal pain. Thanks so much for maintaining the website. You may have saved my life.


Huge thanks,



ThreeLac Testimonials


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I am doing very well, panic attacks have left the building! just got home, on the highway and no anxiety, I am so grateful that I ran across your web page and had the good fortune to be able to talk with you!


Thanks again, Paula

Results may vary.


I know I promised to send you this email probably 3 months ago or more, so I apologize for this taking so long.


HOWEVER, the good news is that my candida is remarkably better. And since I am all too familiar with candida, I know for a certainty that it is the three-lac that has made such a miraculous difference.


Over the past 30 years, I have tried numerous probiotics, antifungal drugs, and even a diluted form of candida to encourage my immune system to kill it off. All of this worked in a limited way for a limited time. But nothing has been as life- turning as the three-lac.


I started taking it in September of 2009. By December, I had much more energy. By February, I could actually expose myself to musty objects while cleaning without wheezing horribly. As allergies/candida work closely together, I can tell you that my allergies are better, too. While any type of perfume still bothers me, it's not nearly as bad as it was.


All in all, I am THRILLED, if that's a good enough word to describe something that has had such a tremendous, positive impact on my life.


I can tell you that before the three-lac, on most days I had all I could do just to make it through the day. That's how low my energy level was. After the three-lac, I felt like I did in my twenties, before the onset of the candida.


The only negative side was that initially I tried to increase the dose too quickly and had a die-off. I am still on one packet per day but will try to increase that at some point.


My thanks to Allyson Cobb for "conversing" with me last Sept. She will probably remember me as the Candida Queen. Feel free to use me as a reference for this wonderful product. I will gladly tell anyone who wants to know how remarkable it is.


Best Regards,

Nadine B.

Results may vary.


Hi Alyson,


I have been taking ThreeLac for several months now with incredible results after only 2 weeks! My acne has cleared up along with the yeast infections, etc. I am so glad I found your website, it changed my life. Thank you so much!


Kay H.

Results may vary.


Dear Alyson & Mark,


I have now been on Three-Lac for one month and am seeing very positive results. The most surprising is that the pain that I have had on and off for the past year has not surfaced for this past month. I will write more later on my medical condition. Would also like to report that my son has had a clearing of his skin problems. I am writing to you today to get information for my grandson.


He is 17 years old and has had a very serious acne problem for months. He has seen a medical doctor and although he is better, he is not where we want him to be. I believe that Three-Lac would help him. I am going to see my daughter tomorrow and will give him all the reading info that I have. Can you suggest anything? I would appreciate your advice. I feel quite certain that my daughter will want to get him started on the Three-Lac. Thanks for all your help, Ellie V.


Reply from Mark and Alyson:


Hi Ellie,


This is great news about your shingles and your son's skin condition clearing up. Of course ThreeLac gets to the root of the problems in the intestines (where 90% of the body's immune system resides), but your grandson might also benefit from adding a topical application of Oxygen Elements Plus. Neither Mark nor I had acne, but we've heard from many acne sufferers that the topical application of Oxygen Elements Plus worked really well for clearing the acne from the outside, while the ThreeLac gets control of the underlying problem in the intestines. We hope your daughter will get her son on one or both products. She is welcome to write to us if she has any questions. Again, thank you for the great update about you and your son. Keep up the good work!


All the best,

Mark & Alyson


Results may vary.




I actually began the ThreeLac -- we will say -- December 1st. I am doing quite well, as I have expressed to Mark. Many changes have come about, including the elimination of the following: sinus infections, chills or Goosebumps or flu-like symptoms, fatigue, late afternoon slumps, brain fog, RLS, dermatitis, ...Mark made a wonderful recommendation with the topical antifungal ointment for my face and I occasionally use it externally for feminine itching, though the deep vaginal itching has subsided altogether.


All the best to you both,



Results may vary.


Dear Mark:


I've been taking Threelac since January. I'm up to three packets a day, have experienced a little "die off" that wasn't dramatic and can report that problems with my acidic stomach are more manageable. My chest is no longer on fire every night. For me, this is a big improvement. Western medicine had not given me much relief but kept taking it anyway -- every antacide you can name, I've taken it. I was consuming copious amounts of Tumms and drinking water laced with baking soda (an old time remedy to neutralize the acid). All that has changed thanks to your extremely well written website and my initial purchase of a three month supply of Threelac. Each time I reread sections of CandidaFree I find important facts I didn't digest the first time around and now that I've seen positive results I've begun to tell my friends about it.


I think that Threelac is a broad spectrum probiotic that can cure or drastically improve symptoms of so many different ailments. Threelac is nothing short of a miracle for me. My doctor will be astounded and probably won't be enlightened enough to do research that would take him outside of the comfort zone of his training, which is too bad because I'm sure Threelac could help many of his other patients who are suffering.


I feel that I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. The light has been getting brighter all the time, and I will continue to stick with the program. My last order was for 12 boxes and this week I have added Oxygen Elements to my prescription.


Thank you both.


Wishing you good health for many years to come,


Carol M.

Results may vary.


Hi Alyson,


Katherine is doing well. We were very pleased with the product (ThreeLac). She had always kept a runny nose and had sinus issues. About 10 days after beginning 3Lac, that problem was solved. Also, in the last year she has begun to speak and recovered a lot of skills that she had previously lost. Thanks for checking on her!


Carrie G.

Results may vary.


Hi Alyson:


It has now been one month since I started taking 2 packets of threelac and discontinued everything else except my multivitamin.


As I told you before I have been led to believe that my problems were all menopause/thyroid related and have been messing around with all kinds of treatments for 9 years.


I was so relieved a couple of weeks ago to think that none of this is menopause but all yeast. I concluded that because the symptom that I thought was vaginal dryness has completely disappeared since starting the two packs of threelac. As a matter of fact this is what has happened:


1. sleeping through the night for the first time in 9 years

2. no hot spells

3. no urinary discomfort

4. fluid retention is much better

5. no vaginal discomfort

6. pain in right ovary is gone

7. psoriasis is improving

8. eczema in ears is almost gone


BUT am having really severe head, sinus, teeth pain that is driving me completely crazy.


My question is Should I add in the oxygen elements and how important was that to your recovery.


I feel like I've discovered a miracle but this head thing is getting hard to take.





(Recommendation from Mark: Oxygen Elements Max is excellent for relieving sinusitis, allergies, and other upper respiratory problems such as asthma).

Results may vary.


Dear Mark and Alyson,


I have been on three lac and oe-max for approximately three months. I have watched my sugar intake very carefully but have not changed my diet in any other way, as Mark instructed. I feel that I have experienced an improvement in my overall, general health. I no longer have the following:



thrush or white coated tongue

flu like symptoms

chronic sinus problems

brain fog

dryness of the eyes

restless legs

itching ears and nose.


I am still having the following:


vaginal itching

dermatitis around my mouth and nose  

constant throat clearing

dry, itchy, cracking heels.


I have been taking three packets of three lac per day for over two months.


I wanted to update you on my status and ask if you could give me any idea when I might hope to be rid of these other annoying conditions. I also use three lac as a vaginal suppository, but am not able to keep the yeast away in that area.


Look forward to hearing from you. Hope you are both doing well.



Lisa W.


(Note from Mark & Alyson: While it takes several months for every symptom to subside, depending on the severity of the overgrowth, and different people will have them subside in different order, Lisa has made good progress. Our recommendations: For the dermatitis, antifungal ointment. For the heels, an antifungal ointment during the day and a mentholatum ointment (wear socks) at night (may also help with the throat clearing). And for the rest.... patience!)

Results may vary.


Hi Mark,

I ordered Three Lac from your father-in-law Marshall Lightfoot over a year ago in October 2007. After the initial die-off reaction I started to feel much better. The brain fog and ringing in my ears stopped. I am able to sleep much better now. I have suffered from a wide range of symptoms over the last 18 years and no doctor has been able to help me. I had tingling and numbness in my arms and face and most days felt the brain fog. I also had migraine headaches quite often. I have found that doctors were unable to offer any help for the symptoms suffered by me over the years. I mentioned this product to one doctor and he just shrugged his shoulders! I have recommended this to a friend who is now trying it for some problems he is experiencing. He has a terrible ulcer on his right leg that seems to be getting worse. He mentioned to me about taking antibiotics for quite a while. I told him that Three Lac would help if he would give it a try! Let's wait and see what happens. By the way, You guys have been great about answering questions I have had since starting Three Lac.



Brenda M.

Results may vary.


Hi Alyson and Mark,


Just thought I’d let you know that since I’ve been taking ThreeLac I have been able to stop taking the Cat’s Claw and I’ve not had any recurrence of shingles. Yay!


I got clear about the conflict with ThreeLac and antibacterials when I had a cold and was taking Echinacea tincture and zinc lozenges.


Even though there was very little sweetener in the lozenges, it seemed to enhance a yeast growth in my mouth and my tongue got really coated and bumpy, which I guess would be thrush. I quit the Echinacea and the lozenges and the cat’s claw at that time and haven’t had the problem since.


The fact that I’ve had no shingles now for over a month without taking cat’s claw is really impressive.


It’s so nice to finally be getting to one of the root causes of my weak immune system.




Results may vary.


Marshall ---


Thought I'd get back with you about 3Lac. Been on it a little over 2 weeks --- I am amazed at my improvement --- ability to smell and taste food as well a cleared up sinus congestion plus just feeling better. I fought with the smell/taste issues for years and have never gone for more than 3 days of good smell/taste without reverting to 'problems'. I can only contribute this improvement to 3Lac!! I'm ready to start taking 2 packs a day --- Question --- both at once or AM and PM?


I'm amazed,


Richard M.

Austin, TX


(Our answer to his question: take them evenly through the day, not all at once).

Results may vary.


Hi Mark & Alyson,


I know it's late, but I couldn't wait until morning! My daughter Kim called a little while ago to inform me that she finished her first novel tonight, and that she went to Border's after work and bought the next 3 in the series! Kim is 25 yrs. old and has had ADHD her whole life, and she has never read a 500 page novel ever in her life! She bought a book at the airport last Sunday and started reading it on the plane. She continued to read all week instead of her usual movie watching! I'm so elated! She didn't even learn to read until 6th grade, and it has always been just barely....just enough to get by. She told me that she's been able to read with other distractions like her husband watching TV, and that she's really enjoying it! She could never concentrate and focus like this ever that I can remember, or can she. Even though she's just barely doing the no sugar thing, it's still working!!! I didn't get to talk to her long, as she had ants in the pants to start on the second novel......absolutely unbelievable! Wow!Wow! Wow! What more can I say but that! Just Wow!


Big Bear Hugs & Loves,


Kristin A.


Results may vary.



Hi Mark & Alyson,


Just thought I'd share this amazing story of what happened to me today at my doctor's appointment.


I saw the Physician's Assistant Robin at my OB/Gyn's office today, and she hands me copies of all my recent test results. She says to follow along with her while we go over them, and she compared my previous blood tests to the current ones. All my tests were good. Bone density, mammogram, ultrasound, and the blood test all normal (no surprise really). She then turns around in her chair and looks at me and asks, "You're on a probiotics plan aren't you?" I'm like yea, Threelac. Ok here's the part you'll just love! She said that she could not believe the difference in my blood tests. Although previously normal (test just prior to ThreeLac), they were on the low end of normal in some areas including my thyroid. This last test (5 weeks on ThreeLac) showed a huge improvement across the board as well as my thyroid! She said she's never seen this in such a short period of time, and she wanted to know more about ThreeLac. I about fell off the exam table!!! We then had a 20 minute conversation about everything, and she explained that she had recently tried a probiotic program that didn't really work, and was looking for a better one. She also said she knew the current medical regimen wasn't working, and that probiotics are definitely going to be the wave of the future. I came home and faxed her the information from your website! I'm still in shock!


Have a great day!


Kris A.


Results may vary.


Hi Alyson and Mark,


I'm now on 3 ThreeLacs a day and feeling just great! No more sinus headaches and I've lost a lot of weight which is a real bonus.


I also wanted to tell you that I told a friend of mine about THreeLac. She has terrible sinus headaches and has been doing so well and feeling so much better!


I really feel I can start decreasing the ThreeLac now, and continue to watch my diet.


Have a wonderful Holiday Season and I hope 2008 is all you could wish it to be.


Best regards,



Results may vary.


Hi Mark and Alyson,


My 22 year-old daughter is doing REALLY well and although she lives on her own near her college, I can hear the difference in her voice on the phone. She sounds more energetic, positive, excited about everything in her life and she's stuttering SO much less than before. She said she has a lot more energy and is feeling clearer mentally. She has also lost a lot of water weight, especially in her torso and has lost her craving for sugar and starchy foods. I actually have too, we both LOVE fruit now and prefer it to sugary stuff we used to crave.


Take care,


Results may vary.


Hi Mark,


Thanks, again, for all your advice. Just wanted to let you know that two days after we spoke last week, I had gotten some blood test results back. My intention was to get some ‘baseline’ readings at the start of taking ThreeLac to compare at the completion of my program.


As you know, I had been on ThreeLac for only about 3.5 weeks (then had my relapse, thanks to the Splenda cake I baked ?). Well – despite all of this, I was completely astounded at the results I had experienced in that 3.5 weeks. I didn’t expect to see anything until the 3-6 months of being on ThreeLac.


To my surprise, my triglycerides were normal for the first time in 15 years, and my LDL went down significantly. And – my CRP (C-reactive protein that measures inflammation) went from 20 to 3.2… IN RANGE NOW! My SED rate (another inflammatory marker) went from 20 to 7 – in range now! And my two liver tests ALT and AST that were out of whack (54 and 49) are now normal at 16 and 22!!!


I think my comments to you early on were, “I don’t expect this to work.” After 15 years of being told that nothing was wrong, or that it was all in my head, I was skeptical to say the least. Only when my CRP levels were three times the amount they are supposed to be, did a doctor finally say, “Something’s not right.”


So, according to the “numbers,” I no longer have the test results indicative of the ‘unidentifiable autoimmune disease’ that they labeled me with. I am excited to see if the other symptoms start to resolve once I get myself back on track after my ‘relapse.’ As you know, I did a ton of elimination diets with Canyon Ranch over the past few years to see if food allergies were responsible for my inflammation, but nothing ever showed up conclusively.


The ONLY thing that has changed recently is the addition of ThreeLac to my diet! There is no question that this is what changed my blood test results. Diet, alone, did nothing to reduce my levels – and nothing helped with my cholesterol, either.


Thank you SO, so very much! I will give you a progress report in a few months!


(Feel free to publish my comments, or to wait until my update. Whichever. I want people to know that the numbers simply don’t lie!)


Melissa F.

Results may vary.


Hi Alyson,


Thank you so much for your response. The Threelac is already working on my tongue, it is definitely calming it down and the sores are almost gone!!! This in itself is a true miracle!


Thank you so much for your words of encouragement,


Lori H.

Results may vary.


Hello Warren, I enjoyed speaking with you this morning-thanks for your time: As I told you, I have been on 3-lac, O2 Enhancer, Enzymes and replacement minerals for about a month now, and I feel great! The awful fatigue I had previously has pretty much lifted and I now have the energy I thought I had lost forever. (No problem doing a full workout in the AM and going fishing all afternoon. I'm sure I couldn't.have done it without your help.


Best regards

Paul Zipp M.D.

Results may vary.


dear alyson, I have just finished 7 weeks on four packets of threelac and have reduced to three. my general health has improved so much since I started that its hard for me to imagine. thank you thank you thank you for your words of encouragement and education regarding candida overgrowth. my prostatitis has not returned since my last antibiotic treatment and all of my other health issues have gone away or been reduced significantly.


GOD bless you and threelac


Bill C.

Results may vary.


I just wanted to update you and let you know that i am now taking the Threelac 3 times a day-and my rash all over my belly is gone! (thank god, it was so itchy and unbearable!!)-i feel really good! Not spaced out, i'm not bloated, better digestion, way less gassy, even when i am having personal problems, underneath it all, i feel happy... i havent felt like this since i can remember... Oh, and the other thing, is i dont have crazy sugar craving like i use to-even when i do get something "bad" to eat, like a treat, i just dont feel like having it....

Results may vary.


Hello, Mark and Alyson,


I found your candidafree site over two years ago, and started using 3Lac. Up until that time my health had deteriorated to the point where I was walking with a cane and my muscles felt like uncontrolled jello inside me.


After taking 3Lac for two weeks, I felt an amazing improvement in my muscles and put away my cane. It was too miraculous. I have recently started trying to teach my husband about yeast and all that and I think we are about to go on a total cleansing regimen.


Of course there are other symptoms I and my hubby need to work on. But after 2 1/5 years my muscles are still good and my strength and coordination and energy level have been improving all that time.


Thank you for your website. It's good to hear the testimony of those who found the ANSWER!!



Ally M.

Results may vary.


Dear Alyson & Mark,


Threelac has been such a blessing to me that I thought I would share my results with you. My story started over 5 years ago when I developed some gastrointestinal problems. It started slowly with acid reflux, then built to more troubling problems which included abdominal cramps, bloating, mucus/phlegm build up, constant nausea, constipation and the worst which was a nighttime vomiting of bile. This lasted for about 3-4 years and gradually worsened over time. If the gastro intestinal problems weren’t bad enough I started to develop other problems around Thanksgiving of 2005. These problems included shoulder pain, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, insomnia, sensitivity to noises and light, crawling skin, tingling feet, anemia, depression and last but not least a white film on my tongue. Needless to say I spent my share of time at doctor’s offices including a week stay at Mayo Clinic where I was told I had idiopathic gastroperisis and was sent home with a prescription for an acid reflux medication. This only made my anxiety worse and my condition continued on a downward spiral with no improvement in sight.


From January 2006 through October 2006 I continued to struggle and sought a number of other treatments including physical therapy and acupuncture which helped a bit with the symptoms but didn’t address the root cause. When I thought I finally reached the end and feared that I was going to lose my job I believe the good Lord directed me to you. It was a real blessing that I came across your web site through the recommendation of one of your customers. When I read the information I felt like my last 5 years of life was flashing in front of me. I scored off the charts on your quiz and was convinced that Candida was the cause of my problems. I was a little skeptical at first as I have been down so many paths only to be disappointed each time, but I was willing to give this a try as I had nothing to lose.


My results with Threelac can best be characterized as a nice steady progress month by month. Each month a symptom or two seemed to get better. First some of the nausea started to lessen, then the anxiety problems started to clear up, then the vomiting stopped and after about two months a real blessing occurred and I started to sleep through the night again. Getting 8 hours of sleep again was a miracle!


After about 6 months I can now say that I am almost symptom free and back to leading a pretty normal life. I can’t thank Mark and Alyson enough for all your advice and coaching along the way. The recommendations of additional minerals to take really helped and I would recommend to all who read this to follow their instructions. I did and even when things were going slowly I kept the faith and stuck with the plan.


Robert B.

Results may vary.




A friend of mine referred me to your website, which I have found very helpful. I continue to improve everyday and now my acne is starting to go away after just 5 days! AMAZING!! I am thrilled with the product. Thanks SO much for all your help and your most helpful website. I was just married 5 months ago, and went on heavy antibiotics for a urinary tract infection, and since then have suffered so many health issues that are now starting to diminish. My husband and I are very relieved after so many doctor's visits with not much helpful advice ( and I am a nurse!!). I've been a nurse for 10 years and was not familiar with candida overgrowth to the degree that your website has explained it. I wish that there was some way to get this information circulating in the medical community, which sadly, often ignores healthy alternatives to medication. Anyway, thanks again for your help!


Jessica A.


Results may vary.




I'm up to 6 and a half ThreeLac daily. Every time I increase, I get a little better and thank God I continue to get better and better every week. I am even walking about 4 and a half miles a week and can do anything I did before I fell ill. I figured it out one day I had 27 different illnesses/symptoms that I no longer have (including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and migraine headaches). Just thought you might want to know.


Michele T.

Results may vary.


Subject: thank-you!


Dear Mark and Alyson,


I wanted to write a quick note of thanks.


Thanks to your description on CandidaFree.net, I decided to give Threelac a shot. The results are amazing!


Several years ago I had what must have been a bad attack of Candida after a bout of heavy antibiotics for inner ear infections. I eventually lost 50 lbs. and was dangerously skinny. Doctors ran every test they could think of, and finally concluded that it was “all in my head”. But I couldn’t stop the nausea and diarrhea every time I tried to eat anything. Eventually my father suggested a three day fast, and then once each day introduce a new food into my diet. I started with rice, then spinach, then oatmeal, and eventually worked my way back to health. It took months, but eventually I considered myself “normal”. But even at “normal” I suffered from bloating, gas, reactions to certain foods, lots of mucous, coated tongue, painful protracted periods and depression. I thought perhaps this was the beginning of menopause. I’m a vegetarian, very health conscious and active, and felt like something wasn’t quite right. That’s when I stumbled on your website discussing Candida. I decided to give it a try. I admit I was a bit skeptical. The first couple days I was surprised at how quickly I experienced die off reactions. I thought it would take awhile. I was dizzy and nauseous. I even wrote to you asking if this was normal or an adverse reaction to Threelac. You were kind enough to respond right away. Then morning three I woke up, shocked that nerve pain from some dental work over a year ago was gone. What in the world did that have to do with Threelac? I had no idea, but it certainly gave me the incentive to keep on going. I’m at week four and a brand new person. Many things I’ve noticed have been complete surprises. The bloated stomach is gone. My last period was 3 days and PAIN FREE!!! I’ve got incredible energy. The depression is gone! The white coating on my tongue barely exists anymore. I don’t need Kleenex, because my nose doesn’t run. My skin is flawless.


It’s hard to believe I thought my former self was “normal”. Obviously I had forgotten what “normal” was like. Thank-you so much for your website. I would have NEVER achieved these results using my own self-diagnosis. I’m a new person. THANK-YOU!


Jamie J.

Peyton, CO

Results may vary.


Dear Alyson,


Just a note to fill you in on my experience with ThreeLac after using it for 4 1/2 months now. I've had all kinds of "miracles" occur as a result of using it, including the cessation of a sore throat that I've had every day of my life for I can't remember how many years (or more accurately, decades). My itching ear canals are no more and the white spots in the back of my throat are gone. In the last year, I had developed a burning sensation in my lungs and it is now gone (except when I'm breathing the cold winter air). And the icing on the cake has been to be able to sing again without pain or having my voice crack. And this may sound a little strange, but I can also cry again after many years of having to discipline myself not at difficult times in life when one would, naturally, need to. I had so much trouble breathing because of throat and nose congestion that I couldn't afford the additional swelling that accompanies crying. I can, once again, feel the the rush of air down the back of my throat when I inhale and I am so very grateful. I believe I still have a little more recovery to do, but I would say I'm 75% better.


I'm so fortunate to have found your website.


Best wishes,


Cara A.

Results may vary.


Hi Mark,


I started taking Three Lac and Oxygen Elements on January 9 of this year (almost four weeks ago), but had such terrible symptoms (brain fog, overwhelming sleepiness, nausea and diarrhea) that I decided to not take the Oxygen Elements until I figured out what was causing them. I continued with the Three Lac and was just amazed when all those problems disappeared and I started to feel better than I had in a long time! I am going to start taking the Oxygen Elements again and hope that I won’t experience the die-off symptoms that I had before, but if I do, I assume they won’t last too long.


I do have to tell you that I was very skeptical about this product before I started to feel better. My persistent vaginal yeast infection is finally gone, my skin is clearing up, my mind is clear, I’m sleeping like a baby, and aches and pains that I didn’t even know that I had (until they were gone) disappeared.


Thanks for bringing me this product via the internet, and thanks in advance for your reply.



Melissa L.

Results may vary.


Dear Mark and Allison,


You e-mailed me a while go regarding how I found the use of ThreeLac. Let me just preface this with the fact that last year was the most stressful year I had. My mother, who I was very close with died over the summer. Last year also saw the ending of my marriage (we are still very good friends, though), a major car accident and the death of my beloved aunt a month after my mother passed. WHEW!


I started ThreeLac in November of 2005 because I was having monthly vaginal yeast infections. I had tried everything and all the my GYN could tell me was "It looks like you are going to have to live with it on a monthly basis". I went to a great dietician here who had me do some testing and it turned out the candida was evident in my body...I was suffering from candida overgrowth syndrome. NOTHING prevented the yeast infections and I tried every single thing. Two months after starting the ThreeLac my vaginal infections disappeared. Over the course of the year I had one infection. Nothing compared to what I was going through before. In fact, ThreeLac so changed my life, my gynecologist called me and asked me for the information on ThreeLac...then another gyno called me and asked for the information. Amazing!


I take one packet of ThreeLac a day. The week before my period I increase it to two. Around the holidays I took two packets a day because my sugar intake increased. I swear that taking the ThreeLac during my stressful year helped too. Normally, stress would also bring on a yeast infection for me.


This has been a total lifesaver for me! Thank you so much and I am spreading the word.


Happy New Year!


Results may vary.


Hi Mark,


I want to thank you so much for your helpful web-site and email. It was because of your words that I decided to try Threelac, and it has made a huge difference in my life. I have suffered with constant eczema for 25 years. I have been to so many doctors and nothing worked. After being on 5 packets of threelac a day (with the oxygen elements) for 4 weeks my eczema completely went away. I am down to 2 packets a day now (3 months total) and I am still completely cured. I can only describe it as a miracle! Thank you so very much.


Warm regards,

Shawn Nelson




I am an biochemist working in R&D for the diagnostics division of a Seattle biotech company. I have a theory as to why Threelac works for eczema. I understand that you have a science background as well, and would be interested in your thoughts on this. Over the years I have noticed a very strong correlation between the severity of the eczema and the intake of dairy products. Whenever I would cut out all dairy for long periods of time, the eczema would (almost) disappear. Also, when I consumed processed food with added "milk solids" or casein (milk proteins), the eczema was severe. I am wondering if the Candida overgrowth out-competes the lactobacillus in the intestine, preventing the digestion or processing of milk proteins. Just a thought. My expertise is with viral and autoimmune diseases, so I am far from an expert on Candida. Just wondering if you have heard anything similar?


(Note from Mark: This is precisely what the yeast overgrowth does, and what ThreeLac replenishes in the intestine. Eczema is only one of many allergic-type reactions that can occur.)

Results may vary.




I must tell you the wonderful results I have had so far with the Threelac. My digestion has improved, my reflex has almost totally dissipated, I have fewer headaches, less bloating, better energy, NO nausea, and I've put a little weight on. My system is very reactive so I have not yet been able to do two packets a day, 7 days a week. Right now I'm only doing two packets three times a week. I'm very encouraged by my results so far. I am eager to see what happens as I slowly increase. I believe the gastroparesis I was diagnosed with is secondary to the fungal infection.


Your product has truly been a Godsend to me, the best Christmas present I could have ever hoped for!




(Note from Mark: Victoria first wrote in October that she had been sick for five years and unable to work)

Results may vary.


Mark and Alyson,


I feel incredible! I feel better than I did in my twenties and thirties. For the first time in years, I've been able to control my emotions.  My cycle is back to normal. If I get a headache, I can use an icepack, lie down and it will go away. My energy is worrying my kids, their afraid I just won't stop!!!  I've attempted to go down and still can't.  I firmly believe that I had a very serious yeast infection.  My doctors were medicating me for everything - migraines, anxiety, and even depression.  Now I am off ALL meds and can finally take charge of my life.  I am able to concentrate on a weight loss program, under the direction of a doctor and have recently lost 20 lbs.  I can't begin to express my deepest appreciation for this product.  I also started my whole family on it. My nine year old takes one and for the first time since starting school he has not gotten strep throat whereas every year since he started school, he always was home sick with strep.  My 11 year old is taking two, she too had problems with strep and is showing no signs of it this year.  My 15 year old is taking 4; at 5' 10" and 180 lbs, he is big enough for the dose and is also doing well;  he would always get white puss on his tonsils and very sluggish.  Now he is energetic and there are no lines of infection in his throat.  My husband too is taking 4 packages, he had many joint pains and rashes that have all gone away.  What's impressed me too is the mouth sores that they all would get, now if they do get one, it goes away quickly.  Sorry for the long reply but I really love this stuff and wanted to share it with you. I feel 200% better!


Mary Lou


(Note from Mark: Mary Lou has been on ThreeLac since February)

Results may vary.


Dear Mark and Allison,


I was blessed to find your website by accident back in April 06 and wanted you to share my testimony. Back in Dec 05 I had upper GI problems, a lot of gas, belching, nausea and a weight loss of 10 lbs in 3 weeks. Shortly after I had a sleep disorder, could not fall asleep or stay asleep, then things progressively got worse; burning in my extremities, extremely dry nose, mouth, eyes, sensitivity to cold or heat environments,  skin rashes, anxiety, panic attacks, dizziness, fatigue, pain in my muscles, restless leg syndrome, and fear of being alone. I became depressed  and hopeless as no physician/specialist could diagnose me; all tests, mri, scans, ultrasounds, endoscopy, blood work etc. were normal except an elevated wbc, neutrophil count. I had to leave my job as a Registered Nurse because of the extreme burning in my stomach, arms, back, and the fatigue I was experiencing. I was subscribed a numerous amount of different medications over a 5 month period, including every sleep med. I felt like my life was in a physical downhill spiral, and then I came upon your website. God bless you and Allison for putting this information out there, and answering questions I had.  I am working again and have been taking Three Lac since May, because of this product all these terrible symptoms are gone and I am not taking any medications. I have sound restful sleep again,  and a renewed outlook on life. It was unfortunate to see as many physicians  as I did and not one of them thought about Candida, including the GI specialist . I am so grateful to the both of you and especially the researchers who developed this product.. I recommend your website to many, and hope they too find recovery through Three Lac. 


Sincerely, Elaine, RN

Results may vary.


Subject: Success


Mark and Alyson,


I'm writing to let you know that I've had to change my whole outlook on health, thanx to the success I've had with Threelac. I had suffered for over 10 years with constant candida, and thought I'd always remain that way as I was only ever prescribed antibiotics. I never realised that so many other of my problems were due to candida overgrowth. Depression, fatigue, dry skin, dandruff, and loads of female related problems. I came across your website whilst working in Japan in April; ordered the product thinking it could do me no harm; and was amazed by the result. After an intial period of flu like symptoms, my energy levels went up dramatically, and slowly but surely, over the next few months, I started to feel so much better.


Now, after 6 months, I'm taking one a day as a maintenance measure. I feel fantastic. Furthermore, for someone who got sick at the drop of a hat, I have had one small cold that lasted only a few days. That's it. Pretty much perfect health. I'm so impressed with this product, and have already got 2 of my friends taking it.


Now, I'm living in Ireland, and still plan to take it daily to keep me healthy.


Your website is fantastic, and I thank you for making this information available to everyone. You've saved my sanity!


Kind regards,



Results may vary.


Subject: Alyson and Mark - Success!


Dear Alyson and Mark,


Just thought I should drop you a quick note of appreciation.


Alyson may recall that I started Threelac last October. Gradually increased my dose up to 4 packets and then back down to 1.


It took approximately 5 months for all symptoms to go away.

I'm continuing to take 1 packet a day, as recommended, for maintenance.


I'm a 53 yr old male, who battled with rashes/itching back in the early 90's, and then again in the past year.   Had itching, hives, rashes, etc.


Thanks for responding, and for all the info you sent to help me learn how to use Threelac.


A local naturopath I recently visited,  doesn't give much credence to products sold by way of the internet.     I also tend to be skeptical, but thought Threelac was worth a try...nothing to lose but a few bucks.


Thanks again.


All the best,   Ave K.  (White Plains, NY)

Results may vary.


Hi Mark


I just wanted to thank you for your insights and knowledge sharing.


I've had Candida on and off for the last 15 years. As someone with a weak immune system I don’t think its until now that I realised that Candida has often been the root of the problem. I pretty much ended up self diagnosing myself again after trying to treat Hyperventilation Syndrome (dizziness attacks) without much luck. Threelac has helped A LOT to alleviate the symptoms and get me back to something resembling normal. I've since recommended it onto 3 friends and hope they will have the same success - one is already feeling better.


When I get some time I will be looking more closely into the links between Hyperventilation Syndrome, depression and IBS so I really understand what has been going on but I think I an trace a lot of it back to long stints on antibiotics. Thanks for helping me get back in control of my moods, energy levels and weight (I hadn't been able to drop the weight gain until now.) I haven't really been using the OE - tend to forget so I'm not sure how much of a difference that makes but when I ran out of threelac - I'd been on about 3 a day - I realised how much it was helping as I went down hill again.


Finally, as someone who normally comes down with the flu regularly, ever since I've been on Threelac I seem to have been able to combat the beginnings of sore throats etc.


Thanks so much and best of luck to you!!!



Results may vary.





I would like to add myself to your testimonial list as someone who has had great success with Threelac.


I was put on 2 months of antibiotics for a chronic infection in December 2006.  Some 2-3 weeks into the course of the antibiotics I started to develop many of the symptoms that I now know to be Candida related.  These included nausea, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, thrush, weight loss, mental confusion, depression, stomach aches, and diarrhea, and body itching.  For a few weeks I had to stop taking the antibiotic, but due to the fact that the chronic infection had not cleared up, the doctors suggested I start taking them again.  Within days the symptoms returned, and at the end of March, I actually took myself to the local hospital, because I felt so awful.  They proceeded to do a lot of blood tests, all of which were negative, and I was left wondering what on earth was wrong with me.  I couldn't believe that I was just imagining these awful symptoms.


By chance I came across some research on Candida on the web, and reading further I came to the conclusion that I must have Candida.  This was further confirmed by the Saliva Test.


I returned to my GP, who stated categorically that it could not be Candida, whatever I might have read, and it was really only a problem for people who are HIV+.  However, in the belief that I had Candida I started a yeast / sugar free diet.  This proved extremely difficult to maintain, even in the short term.  However I was fortunate enough to find some information on and recommendation for ThreeLac.  I ordered two boxes, and started taking it -- starting with 1 a day, leading up to 4 a day, which I am currently taking.


Within a week of taking the original dose, my symptoms started to abate.  One month later (i.e., now) 90% of the symptoms have gone.  I still have some minor fatigue and body itching, however I intend to carry on taking it for as long as necessary.


All I can say is.. THANK YOU ThreeLac!! I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it to other Candida sufferers.




Results may vary.


Dear Mark,


Your email has been a God send.  I ordered it the day I received your email and received it 2 days later.  Started taking threelac and within 4 days I stopped breaking out in a rash that I had for 30 years.  Also my joint pain was better and now 2 weeks later I am getting around better than I have in years without any joint pain at all.  Stopped all medications which included immuno-suppressants which were killing me.  Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You may use my results on your website.  If it will help encourage other people in making the right decision to stop immuno-suppressant drugs.  I am a nurse and I know how bad this drug can be for people.


Thank you,

Janet D.

Results may vary.


Dear Mark,


I am another success story of 3-Lac.  I came across your web site while searching on Candida in early January this year (in fact it was the first one I found and I didn't feel I needed to look any further).  I suffered from a great many of the symptoms you have listed on your site, with the most debilitating being severe chronic pain & aches (like having a bad flu), psychological symptoms of anxiety, unexplained fears & phobias, rapid pulse, tremors, hypoglycemia - for large parts of the day I was bed ridden.


Like yourself I had spent thousands of dollars on alternative treatments over a period of 15 months, each promising to be the missing link between my condition and a return to health.  nothing worked, most actually made me worse.  General practitioners were quick to hand out anti-depressants which I refused to take as I felt depression was a symptom - NOT the cause.


I started taking 3-Lac a few days into the start of this year along with oxygen elements plus at the same time.  Starting at just 1 pack a day I gradually increased my does up to 5 over a period of several months.  I also went on a sort of diet by making sure I eliminated all yeasty things for the first 34 months.  (This in itself cause quite a die-off reaction).  After about 3 months I was feeling significantly better in all manner of symptoms, by month 5 I was practically there, and now after 6 months I know I am.  I have fantastic health and well-being again.  I am tramping (hiking), walking and training as I did several years ago.  Even my asthma I have had since age 6 has very almost gone!


Thank you for your web site and bringing me and obviously thousands of other in touch with a marvelous product that actually works!! Please feel free to use this as a testimonial and include my name and details if you wish.


Kind regards,


Stuart Powell MSc(hons) Dip EH.


Results may vary.


Mark and Alyson,


I just wanted to write and give you an update on my progress. I'm improving now by leaps and bounds. The last month has seen a big reduction in my anxiety/depression and mood swings that accompanied what I'm now sure was a healing crisis. I went off that diet. Although I am still restrictive with what I eat, I eat bread and fruit and cheese all in moderation. But what I learned and wanted to share in your testimonials is that my stress level really seemed to affect my progress, and I think it affected the Threelac too. When I graduated and finished all my stress-inducing projects, I got better MUCH more quickly.


But I really can't thank you enough Mark for encouraging me during those rough times and for having enough confidence in the product to reinstill my confidence when it was waning. I just ordered another case of Threelac. I've been on Threelac since late October of 2005 and Oxygen Elements since around January of 2006. So, I have been one of the slower cases. But I'm getting better and that's the main thing. I feel SO much better than I did. I'm guessing I still have a ways to go, but it's much easier to be patient now.


Thanks again for all your hard work and good faith!


Bless you both,



Results may vary.


Hi Mark


It really does BLOODY work.  I have had recurring CANDIDA for years. I would go the usual route of ANTI CANDIDA pills and potions PLUS the awful DIET.  Came across your web site while looking for a MIRACLE CURE for my latest, and very bad, dose of CANDIDA. I thought you were talking through your nether regions.  I'm age 73 and have never felt this healthy or fit for years. Once I had the THREE LAC and OE in my hands I took both, one tube and 3 drops, before going to bed that day. No B.S., the following I got up to a strange feeling, I was raring to go.  For breakfast I had fresh fruit and wheatgerm and one slice of wholewheat toast with honey. Now as you well know most of this is banned on the anti-candida. Well the days went into weeks and my improvment has continued. I know my search is over I have found my MIRACLE cure.  Life is good again. If I have to take one tube a day for the rest of my life, so be it, it's a small price to pay for GOOD ROBUST HEALTH. I raise my glass of wine (banned by the usual anti candida diet) to you both.


To anyone who is reading this I have no dealings with MARK and his good lady. I don't even buy my Three Lac + OE from them, I live in ENGLAND and get my stuff locally. Please, please try it, it really DOES WORK..



Results may vary.


I just want to add our family testimonial.... after one week taking threelac 1.  I have less dry skin especially patches on arms and behind ears 2.  daughter #1 has no more chest pain and shallow cough (the reason I stumbled upon threelac when doing research) 3.  daughter #2 got an all clear at the ear/nose/throat specialist after 2 years of swollen tonsils and sore throat  4.  daughter #4 has better eczema and her symptoms of aspersers are declining i.e. better eye contact, laughing, social interactions.  5.  My husband has not commented yet.  I take 2 packets a day.  Daughter #1 is taking 3 a day.  the rest are taking one a day.  There is a money back guarantee so I thought it would be worth a try.  We definitely will stay on it and see what happens.  I NEVER thought all these symptoms could be related.  I find it hard to believe this is all coincidence.


Justyna L.

Results may vary.


Subject: You Saved My Life


Mark and Alyson,


My name is Astrid and I needed to write to let you know that you and Threelac have saved my life.  I've been battling this infection for longer than I really know and two month ago I found myself with no options.  My yeast infections were constant and antifungal drugs would do nothing.  The only thing that helped was taking massive quantities of liquid acidophilus.  Yet it did not completely clear my infection.  My short term memory had gotten so bad that it was becoming a real problem in my relationship with my husband and at work (I'm a law professor).  When I taught class the mental effort that I had to put in was so great that afterwards my fatigue was almost debilitating.  Two months ago I sat down at the computer and started to look for answers.  My husband said that he believed I was suffering from adult ADD.  I was looking for info. on this when I came upon your site.  I read the whole thing and knew that this was my last hope and that God was giving me the answer I was looking for.  Its been two months and after several healing crisis my symptoms have gotten so much better.  I finally have an effective weapon to battle this thing with.  I still have many symptoms but every day I feel better and better.  My yeast infection has cleared almost 100 percent, my mental capacity has improved.  Thank you so much for giving me the information I needed to fight this infection.


God bless you both.



Results may vary.



Hi Mark,


I have been using ThreeLac for over a year...and it did nothing for me. At Christmas I had a full blown attack again...was very upset...went on the other stuff to shake this again...and was mad at ThreeLac. Well after a month of the other choices (you had tried them), I stumbled across your website and read the last portion...what not to use. This is what you wrote: "...this is a slow and steady process. Do not refrigerate ThreeLac or store it near heat or in direct sunlight. Do not take natural antibacterial products such as oil of oregano, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract (GSE), caprylic acid, garlic supplements (eating raw garlic is fine), olive leaf extract, or colloidal silver."


Well, I was taking ALL OF THE ABOVE together with ThreeLac....Good grief. Anyway, back on ThreeLac...2 packs a day...a month almost now... and it looks like it's working.. Thks for the good work ya do here....wonderful site you have. If you sell this product let me know... more than willing to order my next batch from you.


Thks again,



Results may vary.


Subject: Hypothyroid Update


Testimonial update on our 21 year old daughter by her mother, Donna Splain, RN


Jenna, at the age of 18 had many health challenges and had been ill for years when we found ThreeLac in the summer of 2003. When I found Mark and Ayson's site I was looking for reasons why my daughter had ulcers in her mouth and esophagus, chronic fatigue, brown mucous in the back of her throat, thryoid and gastrointestinal problems.


I almost fell off my chair when I read the symptoms list and found Jenna's symptoms on that list. I immediately called Mark and ordered the ThreeLac from Global Health Trax through his site.


After missing the first semester of her freshman year at college and recovering from the removal of some toxic root canal teeth, the ThreeLac really started to seriously work for Jenna. It was a progressive course of improvement over the first year and subsequently (2 years and 5 months). She is 95% better and enjoying being a college junior.


Something interesting happened in 2005. Jenna kept reporting that she did not feel well on her thyroid medicine. We had her tested and sure enough she was getting too much thyroid medication. Her endocrinologist agreed to do the auto-immune testing to see if she still was making antibodies that attack the thyroid. Initially, at age 9 the test was positive for antibodies attacking her thyroid. To everyone's surprise, her test came back negative last summer. For that to reverse seemed amazing to her mother and father, a nurse and doctor.


Jenna was taken off of her thyroid medication in the summer of 2005 and her thyroid function tests are staying in the normal range. If it remains that way she will not need medication as her body is making its own hormone.


We are assuming that the thyroid normalizing had something to do with getting the yeast under control so that her organs and glands were not so challenged with that burden of destruction. We would never assume that this would happen for everyone if they get their yeast under control, but wouldn't it be nice if people would just simply need less of their medications? Jenna also uses a patented amino acid product developed by MD's to clean, feed and repair her systems that were challenged by the yeast.


Jenna will be quick to tell you that, "ThreeLac saved her life". After losing most of her childhood to feeling ill it is a blessing to watch our beautiful daughter enjoy life again and become the educated, energetic, loving person she was destined to be.


Thank you Mark and Alyson for your critical role in helping us help our daughter!


P.S. Please consult your physician before ever changing anything about your medications. Thyroid medication is a very serious medicine that should never be adjusted or stopped without a doctor's order. We need to work in cooperation with our health care professionals so they stay in the loop of our progress.

Results may vary.


Hi Alyson,


I went back to taking 2 ThreeLac per day and I think this time I'm really ready to move on to three.


Last night was my frist night w/o sleeping meds. I went from 15mg to 7.5 and over the past several weeks I've emptied the 7.5mg capsule by 3/4 - and still felt hungover in the morning. I'm not sure how I feel this morning though the first thing I did was empty the dishwasher and clean up the dishes in the sink without even thinking about it. That must be a good sign. It's amazing. You have no idea (yes, you probably fo) how far I've come in a few short months.


Oh, and what's amazing is NO SUGAR CRAVINGS. I have used Stevia for years but I'd look at chocolate and knowing it would make me sick didn't matter. (In the past there were times that I'd plan I could be "down" for X days after eating chocolate, and binge). The sweetest I get now is dried fruit and goji berries. There are food bars that I've eaten for a while since I'm not allergic to anything in them - organic and "live" - and even those are too sweet for me now. This is great.


So, I'm going to vacuum my house now and get a fire going in the living room and enjoy my day. i haven't had this much energy in I don't know how long. I went out yesterday and was really tired by late afternoon - and usually, that would mean today would be a lost day. Nope. I got up today rearing to go - after about an hour of slowly increasing energy. I used to be happy when I had a good day, now every day I feel a little better and I can't even remember the last bad day I had. I remember "tired" days - but not bad days.


I've also noticed that my brain is functioning better and that's as important as physically better. I am now able to retort when something is said. For years now I've noticed that when I'm in a situation that requires an immediate response, I can't do it. Afterwards I'd think, if only I said this or that or... Daily, I seem to be more on top of it; my thinking is quicker; my head clearer. you have no idea what this means to me. I am on my was to getting my life back. It's real and not just a dream. My body and mind are healing and there are really no words to express how it feels. It's like I walked around with half a brain - like I was stoned or something. The "Fibro-fog" has left the building!


Thank you for being here for all of us and for the work you do!


Have a terrific weekend.


Take care,



Results may vary.


Dear Mark,


I thought I would update you and send the testimonial I promised, in the long form! Generally, I am doing so well all the time. I still have small symptomolgy - occasional ear itching, occasional butt itching (to get real technical!!), and am still clearing out the toe fungus.


Symptoms for the dark days were - seizures, fatigue (oh, the fatigue!), gut pain, constipation, vertigo, mouth sores, high blood pressure, pale skin tone, anxiety, depression, itching in all THE places, toenail fungus.


Going gluten free certainly helped but I was still feeling generally crappy. It was DEFINITELY your help and ThreeLac that pulled me through the knothole. I was thinking the other day how grand life really was! WOW, what a change from the dark days when I wasn't sure I could continue.


As you know, I recommend ThreeLac to all my clients - I am a clinical social worker in private practice and have seen some remarkable changes in my clients. I wish I could take the credit for that but it is truly the ThreeLac and your help!!


Mark, if I get to heaven before you do, I'm going to poke a hole and pull you through! You deserve to be on a big fluffy cloud. My sincerest gratitude to you and Alyson for all you have done for me!




Edith Haenel.


P.S. If there is any way I can help you or cheer someone else along other than the testimonial, please be sure to call on me. Healing isn't complete until we give it away. That's why I give out your website multiple times a week to clients!!!

Results may vary.


Dear Mark,


I am very happy to reply to your email.


The cure you suggested has worked for me. I had been suffering from Chronic Fatigue for the last 25 years. With your suggested treatment I feel like a normal man, free from fatigue!


Keep up the good work. May God bless you. And thank you very much for your help.


With Regards,


Nand C.

Results may vary.





Well, it has been a year since my son and I first took ThreeLac. We are now down to one packet every third day, just for some maintenance. I continue to feel light years better than I did a year ago, and MY SON IS TALKING UP A STORM!!


Thomas' development has "skyrocketed". Now at three years of age, he has gone from no speech at all (in April), to now saying four word sentences, can count to 15 and knows 20 letters of the alphabet. He can identify his name and his sister's name, and loves to spell out words!! He had some preschool testing, and his IQ tested near genius at #135!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Needless to say, this formerly VERY NERVOUS MOTHER is now calm and collected where her son's development is concerned.


THANK YOU THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! For changing our lives!! I almost had an autistic son, now I have a star.


Very Sincerely,


Deedra S.



Results may vary.


Subject: Oral Thrush


Hi Alyson it's me again Kirstie from NZ. Just thought I'd let you know things are definately improving for me!! Since I have been taking the Oxygen in an small amount of water and swishing it around, my oral thrush has greatly improved :-) and I'm praying this continues!!!


thanks again for your support




Results may vary.


Since being back on the Threelac, there has been a measurable difference in my HEARING. Nice.


Thank you for your support. Have a great weekend.



Results may vary.


Alyson, I'm so grateful to you for helping me through this. I had felt so good and now you've explained why the symptoms are coming back.I was bound up (intestinal blockage), and it happened so quickly. I know it will help also when I spread the OE+ over 3 doses in a day instead of the 19 drops I'm up to all at once. Plus, I was amazingly surprised when I switched doctors and she did the usual of start w/ labs, what a difference. Labs previously done 6 mo. ago. RESULT: LABS GOOD, NO FURTHER ACTION NECESSARY: WOW! My cholsterol now/ 195 was/211. HDL now/80 was/ 43. LDL now/ 101 was/ 121. Triglycerides NOW/ 69 was 236. The only change I've made is ThreeLac & OE+. My sugar cravings are gone too. ** You can post this if you'd like.** Thanks, Amy in AZ

Results may vary.



Mark & Alyson,


I ordered Threelac through your website after reading about what you went through.I have used Threelac for several weeks now and it has helped my Fibromyalgia a lot. I'm so glad that I found your website. I would like to know how I can sell this product. I have several friends with Fibromyalgia and they want to try Threelac to see if it will help them.


Thank you,

Retha B.

Results may vary.



Hi, I thought I would update my progress. Taking the oxygen elements now and I can see a difference.I have ended up with a nervous disorder from all this yeast problem.Nutritionally I hope to conquer it. My TMJ is going away.I still have some yeast left.Thank goodness for Threelac.Energy is much better.I will keep you informed.Thank-you for your site and help on conquerung the monster.Rebecca.


(Rebecca has been taking ThreeLac for seven weeks)

Results may vary.




I thought I would touch base with you both to let you know of our daughter's good progress.


As I told you about 6 weeks ago, my 11-year-old daughter has suffered from varying levels of anxiety for many years, along with some learning issues primarily related to short-term memory and comprehension issues. Recently, she started having several uncontrollable "tics" such as rapid eye blinking, throat clearing, and hand movements. She has always been very sensitive to light, as well as to chemicals. She had numerous ear infections and sinus infections as a child, and has taken antibiotics somewhere between 15-20 times in her life.

Results may vary.


Hi Alyson superb results. You advised me to start 3Lac with loads of constipation support and it worked beautifully. Hardly any herxheimer reaction at all except for some mild aching. Nothing to what I have experienced before in my 18 years with this condition.Thanks



Results may vary.



To: mark@Candidafree.net


Thank you for your instructions for taking the ThreeLac.


I found your web site while searching for help with my sinus problems. I came across several Doctor's reports stating that they are finding that fungus is a big cause for sinus problems. I have suffered with chronic sinus drainage and headaches for years, but I wanted to let you know that I have not taken any medication for them in 3 days. This is the longest I have gone without medication in over 6 months and I feel great. I occasionally will feel a little sick to my stomach, but besides that I haven't encountered any other side affects.


I am also taking the Oxygen Elements Plus. I started taking them both at the same time. This is the best I have felt in years.


Mallory D.

Results may vary.


Dear Mark:


After reading your story I ordered ThreeLac and Oxygen Elements Plus. For the first time in "years" my urologist told me my urine culture came back "negative" whereas before it was always full of strep-type stuff as well as blood. Well, no more. I was diagnosed with Candida years ago and I feel after taking these products for about 2 months I am on the road to recovery. All in all, I'm delighted with my results.


Best regards,

Catherine S.


Note from Mark: (Catherine had some adominal bloating with ThreeLac, which is a die-off symptom. Since she didn't order here and never got a copy of our instructions, we told her the single most important rule - get the bowels cleaned out to get rid of the yeast toxins).

Results may vary.





My son continues to do very well. We order about 2 cans of Threelac every month for him, his sister and me. The probiotics in the Threelac are helpful to combat some of the medications he needs for his gut too.


He starts kindergarten in the fall on time without need of special assistance. So yes, we have a miracle. I am on the radio a lot lately talking about how autism is treatable and many kids do recover. I was on a Dallas station a couple of weeks ago.


Take care,



Results may vary.


Hi Alyson,


I am SO PLEASED with what 3Lac is doing for me and my husband. In addition to taking care of major symptoms like depression, anxiety, bowel problems, we are both noticing how nice our skin feels and we are both slowly getting rid of our toe fungus. I intend to write a longer testimonial about my epilepsy, high blood pressure (completely off meds), depression, anxiety, bowel problems, celiac, and on an on ad nauseum, as soon as I am fully through the knothole.


Thanks so much about your support regarding the vertigo. I can let go of any worry or any need to try to find something else now and just ride through it. It is not too hard to do now since so many other symptoms have faded into oblivion. I will send a testimonial, but until then use whatever you wish.


Sincerest regards,

Edith H.




Dear Mark,


My pain is so much better seems it get better every day. I snowshoe in the winter for exercise and I have taken a header on all fours for the last three days, so I am sore from that but actually I have gotten a significant increase in range of motion in my neck. I can turn around much more easily in the car to look behind me. It is such a relief. I am also thrilled to be down in magnesium. Took 2000 today. I am also having a routine colonoscopy on Monday (colon cancer on both sides of the family. Actually I think it is celiac and yeast infection on both sides, but of course, you are never a prophet in your own land, so I don't think anyone believes me about that connection) so should get really cleaned out. But I am so convinced with your help it is onward and upward!! I am a play therapist so I am on the floor a lot playing with kids so to have such a significant reduction in pain is a big deal. Makes getting up and down so much easier. Also to do play therapy when one is fatigued is no picnic - I have been enjoying my time with kids so much more again so that is a godsend!!! How can I thank you enough!?!?!?


Edith H.

Results may vary.




I've been amazed by three-lac. Within the first week I had improved Gastric symptoms and reduced Eczema. Also what I had assumed was persistent and steadily progressive arthritis has backed off with great improvement in range of motion.


I've been fighting some of these things for 15 years and even inquired with my different doctors about 'Bowel Flora & Fauna'. They tested for worms and such with negative results, but never suspected Candida. I find it hard to believe that the world of conventional medicine hasn't caught on. I'm going to mention this to my present Doctor, a DO, and try to get her to study some.



Results may vary.


Allison and Mark


I wanted to let you know that I have made it thru the whole spring and summer without anyone being sick, no ear infections or swimmers ear for any of us. I have 2 colleagues at work who are complete converts.


Thanks to you and to ThreeLac


Results may vary.


Hi Mark,


I've just placed my second order for ThreeLac and I want to tell you how pleased I am with the results. Your 3 page letter of instructions is MOST VALUABLE. I refer to it often. After one week, I noticed such a difference that I put my husband on it. I notice a big difference in his health issues. I have increased my dose to two packets a day, but Bill isn't ready yet. Like I said, your letter along with the product is so very helpful. Thank you again for your wonderful encouragement.


God bless,

Carol O.

Results may vary.


To: Lynn Perkins, cc: mark@Candidafree.net


Thanks Lynn........I am feeling alot better these days..One of the biggest changes that I have noticed is my energy ..I just worked 2 weeks of plant shutdown and most days were 10-13 hrs and amazingly I did it no prob... I have to tell you that last weekend I ran into some friends that I have not seen in a few months and they could not hardly believe the change in me..They said I look 3 years younger now that I no longer look "sickly " anymore............It was sure nice to hear that from them..People are noticing changes in me, even my physique is changing..As a result of getting full absorption of my food and supplements my muscles are now responding to my weight training alot better...I am on the mend.... It will still be a long road but I figure a year before I am back to my old self but that's a small amount of time considering I was sick for 12 years ..I really hope that I can be an inspiration one day for other's that are suffering this horrible illness...


Tell your other Candida suffer's my story and send them my emails if you wish..I still have most of my old sent emails to you when I was on the verge of self destruction and when I read them now I cannot hardly believe that it was me writing them. So Lynn, I suppose we can definately put me on the list of success stories.(so far so good).. Bye for now.........your Canadian friend...kevin

Results may vary.


To: Lynn Perkins, cc: mark@Candidafree.net





Results may vary.


Subj: Great News!!




I just got back from the doctor (vulva specialist) who I went to 2 weeks ago. He was amazed at how much better things looked (down there) and told me that everything looked normal and to keep on doing what I have been doing!!! He took a culture just incase but thought everything would turn out normal! Thank you for your guidance, All it took was one capsule. This is after trying to rid the infection for two months with 6 rounds of an antifungal drug (2 a week) and an oral antifungal drug and prescription vaginal medications!!!


Wow..that Threelac is amazing!




(Note from Mark: She used ThreeLac in gelatin capsules as a suppository)

Results may vary.


Subj: ThreeLac Update


Hi! Just wanted to let you know how things are going here. It will be three weeks tomorrow that I started ThreeLac and I'm still taking one packet a day. For over two weeks nothing really happened. I was still in a lot of pain even though I was taking 1800 MG of aspirin a day and taking antacids to protect my stomach from ulcers.. I was having difficulty walking and getting up out of a chair. I was rather discouraged but refused to give up. I had the ThreeLac and I was going to take it. But, a few days ago, things changed! I'm still taking the aspirin but my pain has decreased considerably. I not only can walk but I also have a spring in my step! I even did gardening for 1 1/2 hours on Saturday! (If I did that amount of work before ThreeLac, I would be in terrible pain and "out of commission" for 4-5 days!). (I've had this chronic pain for 18 years! WOW)


Also, my blood sugar has gone down! I am diabetic but have always kept my blood sugar within the "normal" range...usually around 6 with the blood work tests. But the past couple of days my blood sugar has been even lower. For example, last night I had chicken and broccoli alfredo with pasta and a tossed salad. (I know, I know. I know what you're thinking.) Usually, after a meal like that in the evening, when I check my sugar the next morning, the numbers are in the 160-170 range. This morning it was 99! I couldn't believe it. So, when I see my doctor next week, I'm asking for a very low dose of diabetes meds because I think I will be needing less and want to have it with me when I visit my children in a couple of weeks. (He's probably not going to be too thrilled about my taking ThreeLac, but tough. It really seems to be working. It's sure better than all of the chemicals he's prescribed.) I won't be having the blood work for my blood sugar done for another three months. I'll be anxious to see what those numbers will be.


I could go on and on, I'm so thrilled. You guys will be getting a novel when I write my testimony! I just thought you'd like the update. You have been such a help. Just knowing you are there to answer my questions brings me peace of mind. Thank you.




Results may vary.



Mark and Alison:


I can't tell you how grateful I am for you and your website. I am feeling so much better it's unbelievable. Started with oxygen elements on Sunday and have been sleeping better than I have for months. These products are a god-send. Will step up to three packets of ThreeLac in two more weeks.


I called the alternative physician that my mom sees a couple of weeks ago and the nurse there said that ThreeLac is the product they recommend for Candida. The doctor doesn't even bother with antifungal meds, etc. any more since their patients have had so much success with ThreeLac.




Valerie G.

Results may vary.


Forwarded To: mark@Candidafree.net


I am using a product called Threelac. It fights yeast over growth or Candida in the body. Since using it, I have been able to reduce the amount of medications I have been on. I often now no longer need a sleeping pill. Before the Threelac, I could not control myself enough for any stress management. Now I can which that has contributed to my being able to cut down on my medications. But, the Threelac gave me a "board room in my brain with its members present helping me to make some decisions"...if I may use an analogy. The product is made in Japan and put out by Global Health. My own psychiatrists noticed a measurable difference in me once I started taking the Threelac. It's worth investigating. Contact CobbCoInc@aol.com for more information. I have two bipolar friends now trying the product to see if it can help them. It's made a tremendous difference in my life.


Al R.

Bethesda Maryland

Results may vary.


Hi Mark,


I am sorry not to add this sooner. Two years ago I heard FM is worse with regular carbs (American diet) so I began a low carb way of eating. Not as severe as Atkins. This is probably why I had such fast results.


I live very near Amish and Mennonite communities, and while shopping for boots for my husband we stopped at a snack bar in the store. I noticed a flyer rack that said 85% of Americans have Candida. This got my interest so I inquired at the stand whose material this was. A tall Mennonite man came from behind the counter and told me he was a distributor, and had been using threelac for two years. I was surprised and asked him why they were using it.This part of the country has Lyme disease , and after testing, his Family had no sign of it but they were all still sick. Now don't ask me how they found this without the internet but they did.I was just amazed to find it here out in cow country.I hope it keeps going around the world.


Thank You

Anna S.

Results may vary.



Dear Mark, a friend of mine who knew I was suffering from extreme eczema on my feet, causing them to crack and bleed, and to a lesser extent on my hands, emailed me your webpage. After reading it, I ordered the ThreePac and Oxygen Plus and I have been on them now for two weeks. My feet and hands have cleared up beautifully, and I have lost some weight. What I have noticed is little outbreaks of psoriasis on my hands.....little spots....but I never had them before.


I am currently taking one dose of ThreePac and 7 drops of the Oxygen Plus and I have not suffered "die off" symptoms. I have suffered for years with fecal incontenence chronic extreme fatigue, UTI's, rosacea, fungus on my toenails and fingernails, athlete's foot, coated tongue, extremely sensitive skin on my face and thighs, itching of my legs, and just before I started on the program, real pain in my joints, especially hips, after seating for a while. When I got up to walk, it was embarrassing as for the first few steps, it was painful, it looked as though I were physically challenged in some way. That has stopped, along with most of the other symptoms, except this psoriasis which I did not have before.


I must admit that I do take a glass of wine in the evening and have not eliminated sugar from my diet. Could this be the problem? I had seen a holistic practitioner two years ago and after taking some blood samples told me that I had the long rhizoids of fungus and judging from the length of them, they had been in my system quite a long time. I used to take massive doses of antibiotics, both for the UTI's and the rosacea and also have a completely dysfunctional thyroid for which I have been on medication for over 30 years. I think all of it started many, many years ago with my first yeast infection for which I was prescribed antibiotics. I could write a lot more, but this is the gist of my situation, and any advice you may offer will be gladly accepted.


I thank you and your wife so much for sharing so much information about this condition. Barbara B.


(We advised Barbara to stop eating sugar and also to get her bowels cleaned out and moving well to get the yeast toxins out of her body. If they are not eliminated through the bowels, they will excrete through the skin. Almost all die-off symptoms can be avoided or eliminated by taking these two measures - Alyson)

Results may vary.



To: Julie Snoeberger fwd: mark@Candidafree.net


My son Ian was diagnosed with a learning disability when he was 7 (first grade). We have put him on Ritilen which was a BIG MISTAKE! He was either out of it or bouncing off the walls, that usually occurred between 12am-2am. We finally took him off of it ourselves. His Dr at the time agreed with us and we didn't even tell his teacher. We met with his teacher after he was off the drug 2-3 weeks later and the teacher said he's improving so much. We told him we took Ian off the drug 2-3 weeks prior. If you could of seen the look on the teachers face. Ian started his IEP's mid year in first grade. We had him transferred to another school that "specialized in special needs children". Well he's had a IEP since he was 7 and now he is 15. We have had him see one Dr after the other and no one could help us. They would put him on drugs for depression. ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE. We had one problem after another.


We found out from OSU that he had a number of development disorders. We were at wits end. Then I found Julie again. She was dealing with this same thing with her son Jake. She told me about this ThreeLac and the Candida/yeast that most of these kids suffer from. I was all into the natural way since the drugs were not working. Julie told me to take Ian off milk/dairy products. I did that, its been a year so far. The antibiotic's and the steroids that are in our milk today are just not good for these kids. The proteins that we can not break down that dairy products have. So I was interested in all the mentioned above. I was all for the natural way with the past experiences we had with putting him on drugs that really made things much worse for him. After taking him off dairy, I started the ThreeLac treatment. What a BIG difference. He was doing little things at first that we noticed. Like taking a shower or doing his homework without any back talk or shut downs. His behavior improved, his school work, his grades all improved. Even his face cleared up. (acne problems). Then we took him off of it because of reasons I wish not to discuss. That was in Dec of 2004. His face starting breaking out again, he was shutting down more, he was getting in trouble for his behavior at school, he grades were dropping. We just put him back on the ThreeLac again about 3 weeks ago, and the behavior, skin, and school work are improving again. He more pleasant to be around. It makes such a difference. If it wasn't for Julie and her support with all the information and natural ways, we may still be back at the drawing board trying to find a solution for Ian. I am a firm believer with going as natural as I can. All the foods we eat, the water we drink, its doing more harm than we are told and think. I refuse to put my son on any drug ever again, and I refuse to have any vaccines. That's a whole other story. If I knew then what I know now, my kids wouldn't of had vaccines.


I also have my other son (Mason) who is the opposite from my son Ian. Mason has a hard time staying focused and on task. He's a little hyper. He's never been diagnosed, because of the experience we had with Ian. So we give Mason the ThreeLac also, along with cod liver oil. He's been sick, so you can tell he hasn't taken the ThreeLac, which I just started him back on it today. He had an antibiotic, which I need to flush back out of his system. I can tell he's been off of the ThreeLac and the cod liver oil too. He has been very edgy, argues with everyone. So I started him back on it today. He is also off dairy.


I am currently using magnesium and zinc creams for Ian now to help him get better sleep at night. He lacks the minerals that he needs due to his "picky" diet. He doesn't eat a whole lot, so getting the right minerals and vitamins in him right now are a plus too. Just in the 3 weeks we've had him back on the ThreeLac, we have seen an improvement. When using the other interventions, minerals, and vitamins, I am sure we are going to see a BIG improvement.


My husband was a little skeptical at first, but he saw a big difference in both boys. We we took them off the ThreeLac, and he saw the change, he said, call Julie and order more of that stuff. So he's now a believer. I plan on taking the ThreeLac also after I get off my antibiotic. We are going as natural as we can. My girlfriend is even going this route. She was amazed on how much Candida she had in her system. She's ordering it also. Its worth all the work in the long run. I will do anything I can to make my family more healthy. It will be worth all my time and effort.



Results may vary.


I am up to 5 threelac's a day, and feeling the pocketbook pinch, but it is worth every dollar. I am almost off of all depression meds, just 10mg. for now, and then I plan to stop in a few weeks. It is truly a miracle. My house is clean, things are more organized, in general, my adult ADD, Anxiety and Depression are very nearly GONE! I take no pain medication now, no stomach acid reducers either. I feel about 10 years younger.


I shudder to think of the HELL my life would still be and would become without threelac, developing further fibromyalgia and having an autistic child. I was watching him, his personality, and his few words disappear month by month. Now, thanks be to god and threelac, I am watching him blossom. This amazing substance actually prevented the loss of my child. For that I will be forever in awe and deep gratitude. Thank you for letting me know of Threelac and a truly better and different future for myself and my son.


Take care,



Deedra S.



(Deedra's previous progress is further down the page)

Results may vary.


Hi Alyson,


Just reporting in. Been on two packs Threelac for four weeks now (will progress to three soon) and feel really good. Energy levels are rising and symptoms are disappearing one by one. Have had no ill effects from coming off my HRT which I put down to my program. So happy I stuck with it and can't wait to feel even better.


Will still keep you posted.


with love, Gina

Results may vary.


Dear Mark,


Along about Christmas time last year I finally decided to take my health problems into my own hands since after 9 months of walking in pain the medical doctors still insisted on treating me for some kind of arthritis, (they weren't sure which kind) but none of their pills or medicines worked. Sounds familiar doesn't it? In sheer desperation I decided to try one can of this ThreeLac. Within just one week I noticed a substancial improvement but at the same time I also developed a severe problem with diarrhea which I attributed to this yeast fighting powder. So I switched over to some yeast fighter pills from the health food store and they continued to allow my symptoms to lessen but VERY slowly. Then by eliminating every single prescription drug and slowly adding them back, one at a time, I discovered that one of my prescription pills was causing the diarrhea, and not the ThreeLac as I had suspected. So day before yesterday I decided to continue taking the ThreeLac powder as I had 42 packets left. So I took two packets, one a day, for two days and imagine my surprise when all the pain in my shoulders and arms as well as the cramping in my hands has totally gone. I don't mean, ebbed away little by little, I mean totally disappeared like overnight! I am sure I am not out of the woods yet, although I am in a lot less pain and am sleeping better.



Georgene K.

Results may vary.


Hi Mark and Alyson:


Thank you for the advice of putting threelac in gel caps for vaginal yeast infections. I had the worst yeast infection yet (believe me I have had some bad ones, but that one took the cake) for 2 weeks I tried all sorts of home remedies from yogurt to garlic to apple cider vinegar..nothing and just putting in 1 capsule for 2 nights cleared it up! That is amazing, OBGYNs should learn about this stuff, it could save millions of women from a weeks worth of pain and discomfort with the standard anti-fungal pills and creams!


Anyway, we conferred with our naturopath and we all seem to be in agreement that I gave my boyfriend my Candida problems and he is the culprit of my reoccurring vaginal yeast infections, so he too is now on threelac and OE+. I'm currently on three packets a day and he takes two a day so we are blasting through those 60 packet cans. I would like to buy a case of threelac, but I'm hesitant because I'm not sure how long unopened cans of threelac last. Do they even have an expiration date? If unopened cans stay good for at least a year after purchase that's good enough for me. The savings of a case is just to hard to pass up, especially since I plan on taking 5 packets before I slowly go down to a maintenance dose and he plans on going up to at three!


Thank you again for all your advice. Threelac is an absolute miracle. All my symptoms are gone in just 6 weeks (except the yeast infections which my boyfriend and I are working on). I feel fantastic and my energy levels are simply amazing.


Beth W.


(Note from Mark: The expiration date on ThreeLac is 18 months)

Results may vary.


Hi Alyson, I got my 3lac on Tues. I was very skeptical when I read some of the testimonials talk about the changes in such a short time. Well after 5 days I too can tell a difference. I am not in such pain from fibro, my brain fog is starting to lift. Yesterday was such a good day. It was the strangest feeling. It is almost like you can not figure out what is going on. Some of the changes are subtle, others hit you like a brick...like waking up before the alarm! What ... that never happens. I am the one who's hitting the snooze. I can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you for putting up this web site. I know that I came upon it by accident, but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I now realize that you really do have to take your health into your hands. I am glad that I found your site... I have to have more energy I am only 44. I did have a headache from die off for about 4 days and now this is better. Thank you for all of your help and support. It is one of the reasons that I decided to try this. I felt that if people are this dedicated to the product it will be worth the try. I was so tired of spending money and having it go no where. Thank you again, Kathy T.


(Note from Mark: Kathy is one of the 10% that get such quick results; we call them the "lucky ones." Alyson also fell into that category, but most people take longer).

Results may vary.


Hi Mark.


First of all I wanted to thank you for your informative and helpful website.


I have currently been a sufferer of Candida for at least five years (though my mother believes I could have got it from her during birth!). I recently went to see a nutritionist after frequent visits to the doctors for sinisitus, kidney infections, tiredness, pitoriasis, etc, who confirmed that I had Candida. I went through the same process as you, my diet was restrictive (and still is to a certain degree). I was put on a lot of supplements, which came to over £100 a month and this still did not work. However, this did not work and it was only through your website that I have fully come to understand Candida and the effects it has had on my life - so thank you!


I have been taking the Threelac for 5 weeks and I have felt the benefits already. It is still rearly days as I had the Candida very severely but most of my symptoms are gone. I havent used a nasal spray for ages and my legs no longer ache to the point of pain. At the age of 27 you can imagine how much of a relief this is! You were also right that it ages you - I used to look at myself and think - God, I am still in my twenties, though I feel and look old - needless to say, my skin has started to improve and I feel better than I ever have!!!


Thanks so much once again for this wonderful website, without reading your experiences I would never have tried Threelac, you have changed my life!!!


Donna M.

Results may vary.


Dear Mark and Alyson,


I have been taking threelac now for 5 months. I have worked up to 3 packets a day. I wanted to share some good news with you. I went back to my surgeon this week and my nasal polyps which I have had removed 7 times have not grown back. We are so encouraged and thankyou both for your help in this.


Many thanks

Kathy M.

Results may vary.




Oh my, I just have to tell you, another success story! I am feeling so ALIVE !!!!!! When I went back to the chiropractor, he did muscle response testing, with Threelac, and said by his tests he was sure it would not work. I deduced that the yeast it in interferred with the testing, and went forward with taking it. I am a holisitic health care practitioner, and my testing showed it would work, and I started on three packets a day. I did this for 20 days, and of course felt the healing crisis (but my lifestyle is permissive of this), and this week I started on five packets a day. I feel alive! Hungry and not bloated and have lost some weight. I now have enough energy to exercise, but am finding it difficult to find the time, since I have neglected so much for so long (but I am catching up quickly!).


I realize that my dosage is more than you recommend, but I followed my own testing that I have training in, and feel that it is best for me. Obviously, it is working out for me, and with my experience, the severe flu like symptoms did not upset me and send me to a doctor. (Actually, they thrilled me, as I knew it was a great sign.)


I am taking calcium, magnesium, oxygen elements, essential fatty acids, Threelac, colon cleanse and chlorella.


Thanks again!

Happy in KY


Results may vary.






You must get tired of reading all the testimonies but I just have to tell you mine.


I haven't felt this GREAT in 24 years which was when I had my first pregnancy. It started with low blood sugar and things progressively got worse. I had so much confusion and mental problems it wasn't funny. I became more and more sensitive to different foods till finally about 2 years ago I just couldn't stand it anymore. I could only eat meat and a few different vegetables. I was down to 100 lbs. and I felt like I was literally dying. The doctor of course told me it was all in my head and so I agreed to go on an antidepressant. I ended up on 2 different kinds and could eat a few more foods than I was able to eat so I could cope with this ridiculous MONSTER. I knew the systems were just being masked but I didn't care because no one knew what was wrong with me. This past Christmas I was looking on line as I always did for a miracle and I came across Threelac which like everyone else, I too was very skeptical but for some reason just felt a little differently about this one. Started taking it by the 1st of this year and I quit cold turkey taking both of my antidepressants the same day I started the Threelac. After 2 days I knew something was different. I wasn't crying, I had no confusion, MY MEMORY WAS COMING BACK, PRAISE GOD!!!!! Each day that goes by I feel a bit better. All my food sensitivities are not gone but I know in time they will be. All the things I loved to do are all coming back like needle point and crafting of all kind. God is sooooo good.


Now let me tell you about my son. He is a miracle. He was a very angry depressed frustrated young man. He struggled all through elementary school and high school. He now can think clearly. He is a totally different person than he was before after going on the Threelac. He started taking 12 credits at our local college and just got a 102 on his chemistry test and an A on his Biology test. He said the first day of school he didn't have to pull out the paper with the room numbers on it because he read them off before leaving the house and remembered everyone which I suppose sounds pretty silly but to him it was a big deal. He had tried taking a few credits before and his head just didn't work right. He now jokes around and is a very happy young man.


I tell everyone I know and can think of that has problems with their children or mental problems about the product because I truly believe this country is running rampant with fungus because of the foods we eat.


God has answered my prayers in the form of Threelac and I cannot express how it has changed my home.


Sharon R.

Bay City, MI

Results may vary.


Subject: Testimonial


Mark, Thank you for your web site and all the wonderful information! You are a godsend. I have started on the program and am getting wonderful results. Actually it started within the first week. I have had terrible chronic sinusitis for the past 25 years and this time of year is the worst! I started taking the Three Lac and within the first few days, I started have increased stuffiness that ended with a "flood" in the middle of the night...gushing from my sinuses. Maybe not gushing, but that's what it felt like...all of a sudden all this mucus from my sinuses down the back of my throat making me cough. This went on for two weeks...now, I can take a breath and feel it all the way up in my head! No horrible sinus headache, infection or pneumonia and it's January! The other great thing...I don't have joint pain anymore and I had been taking pain meds because I could hardly walk from my house to my car to my job and back to my car every day. I was thinking of retiring! I no longer take pain medication of any kind...after 30 years.. nothing. Who said I was ready for retirement?


The other story, my Chow developed some kind of skin condition about three months ago. It was baffling to the vet. She has sensitive skin and is always "chewing" on her toes or folds of skin. Anyway, she was chewing all the way down to the skin and practically had all of her back and sides chewed down to where the hair was coming out in clumps and dying in clumps and in danger of losing her skin as well. She was then starting to develop "spots" on her neck and head that were resistive to any treatment and were spreading but not open sores yet. I could no longer give her baths because of the open wounds and she was beginning to really smell, that sick smell, not a doggy smell. The poor thing was obvious in misery, so I thought, what have I got to lose? Every night I put a 1/4 teaspoon of the Three Lac on her food and eventually she ate it down. Now 2 weeks later, all her fur is growing back in, the spots on her neck and head are gone, and finally, I can give her the bath she needs and get her fluffed up and pretty again this weekend. She has just given me one of her "happy licks all over" which is telling me she knows I've done something to make her feel good again. She's not "chewing" on herself anymore and her appetite and playfullness is back again. Thank you Mark and Three Lac!!


Nadine and Tina Marie


Topeka, Ks.

Results may vary.


Subject: My Testimonial


I started 3Lac on December 17th at 12:00 pm :0)


My Rosacea 80% gone.


My concentration is 500% better. Can't believe it.


My hair and eyelashes stopped falling out,


My dry skin in between my fingers and around my toes (fungus?) is gone.


My depression is gone


My dry and itchy eyes is gone


My dandruff is gone


My foot and underarm odor is gone


My sinus problems are gone


My dry lips are gone


The only problem is anxiety and a little night sweats but not bad. oh, I forgot one more symptom. My ears began to hurt really bad. That's gone too! :0)


I went on five 3 lac on January 4th. I increased one packet every week until I went to 5


Thank you!! I love you guys!!


Thanks and Best regards! I will keep you up to date.




P.S. I tried everything before this. Colloidal Silver, Oregano Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Olive Leaf Extract all in large quantities.

Results may vary.


Dear Mark,


My doctor recently gave me a tentative diagnosis of fibromyalgia. My daughter researched this disease or syndrome on the net, and found your site. She was so excited, and both she and my younger daughter insisted: "Give it a try, mom. It can't hurt, and if it does what it claims it does, it' ll be worth every penny. If it doesn't, the cost for one can won't send you to the 'poorhouse'."


I was mildly skeptical, but having suffered (and believe me "suffered" isn't over-dramatizing the misery I was in) since the beginning of September, I was willing to give it a try. I have noticed an amazing change in the past 10 days or so since I started on Threelac. My right calf, which was excruciatingly painful to the touch and hurt unceasingly (causing lost and faulty sleep, as well) has almost become a memory. The "drawing up" of my muscles in my hands and feet had left me exhausted and frightened. Rigor and tetany are the only words to describe this hideous feeling, and both are very scary. I'm 1000% better (even though I'm not yet 100% healed) and I finally know there is hope.


Thank-you for your endorsement, and "spreading the word." We feel God directed my daughter to this site. There were so many, but she found this on her third try, and felt convinced by the testimony.



Stephanie E.

Results may vary.


My hairdresser had horrible allergies. Been going on for 9 years when she started with sinus infections that wouldn't go away and they finally bombarded her with antibiotics. Bingo that's when the "allergies" started, along with all kinds of drugs and weekly allergy shots. She could no longer smell or taste, sounded like she had the worst cold in the world and was sensitive to hair dyes, hair sprays and all kinds of noxious odors a typical hair salon has.


I started her on three lac about 8 weeks ago, and today she has declared victory! She no longer takes shots, she is clear as a bell, looks wonderful and feels great. Hair salon products no longer make her nose itch. She put her husband on it as well for horrible athlete's foot. His feet looked like raw hamburger and oozed and smelled awful. Within weeks his athlete's foot cleared up and his feet no longer smell bad. Her night sweats are less now and she's thinking of upping her dose to see if she can regulate those as well. She tells everyone who will listen about three lac and OE+! The other ladies in the salon now want to go on it as well.



Results may vary.


Dear Mr. Cobb:


OK, I have to admit I was a total skeptic at first, and talked myself into ordering ThreeLac and giving it a try. That was in the beginning of June, 2004. Well, I am convinced now you know what you are talking about. I noticed a difference after only a few weeks. I had extreme joint pain, and no doctor could do anything for me. I have not had any joint pain in many months, and I'm still getting better. I was plagued with UTI's for almost 2 years, and they kept coming, sometimes as often as once a month, and I have not had one since I started ThreeLac. I've got energy like I have not had in years, and I feel great most of the time now. I'm bouncing up and down stairs like a teenager, and I'll turn 40 this year.


Thanks for your time. I am forever grateful to you for your web site and ThreeLac.




Diane R

New York, NY

Results may vary.


Dear Mark and Alyson,


Happy New Year to you both! I just wanted to write you guys and tell you how it's going on the ThreeLac. I was very skeptical to use this product and escpecially something I've never heard of. But, I am noticing some changes in my body. It is very subtle, but something good is going on. I am still only using one packet per your instructions. Anyway, this ThreeLac is very interesting and I'm quite impressed. Like I said, something good is going on. I feel I'm healing in many areas and had no idea that a yeast infection could cause so many different problems in a person. Honestly, it's just mind blowing to me about the whole thing.


Are there professionals out there, doctors, who'd recommend this product, or most of them into the drug and cream type of solution to a woman's yeast infection problem? I like the ThreeLac solution better.


Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know from someone who was as skeptical as I was that ThreeLac is a pretty amazing product. Wishing you both good health and a wonderful New Year!





- Alyson's reply about the doctors: The idea of using ThreeLac as a suppository actually came from an Ob/Gyn, who had used that technique for years with acidophillus suppositories (always with limited results though). We were delighted to get so much positive feedback from women who've gotten full recoveries from vaginal yeast infections using this method. As far as using it for the broader, systemic yeast infection, there are only a very few M.D.s who think outside the box and are using it for their patients, but there are a lot of other healthcare practitioners that have discovered it (ODs, RNs, Chiropractors, NDs and others). Most doctors reject the notion that Candida overgrowth can exist in the general population because they are taught in medical school that it is only found in dying AIDS, cancer, and autoimmune compromised people, usually dying. So, if they didn't learn about it in med school, "it doesn't exist."

Results may vary.


Hi Alyson,


Things are going great. My 7 year old has been healthy with no cough even tho he's been thru 2 colds.


My husband, Casey has had no symptoms for a few weeks now, but he is going to take his dose up to 5 just to be sure. I had no hay fever this past fall. We prayed for several years for healing, especially for Casey. God showed him several years ago that he would be healed and we believed it would happen. We are so thankful. Thank you for the ongoing support and blessing that you have been.


Thanks again for everything!!


Results may vary.


Hi Allyson!


Happy New Year!


I've been very strict as far as sugar since I started on the 3 Lac. (12/17/04) And so a few nights ago I had a piece of toast with a new margarine I tried and I had an awful flushing of my face. I looked on the package and it had "palm fruit" and "beet sugar." Now I've also been off all fruit as that use to trigger my Rosacea flushing especially bananas and apples. I did pile it on my toast. :0) Also, yesterday, I drank a cup or more of Rice milk. I looked to make sure it had no obvious sugar and wouldn't you know it, about one hour later I was as red as a beet. I looked on the package to see the content of the sugars and is was 12 grams in one cup. Holy Moly. No wonder.


Otherwise, I'm doing great. I feel great. Much better. Rosacea is greatly improving, except for the recent mistakes on my diet.


Thanks for your time!!



Note from Alyson: While incidental sugars in most foods, such as canned tomato sauce, crackers, etc., are not enough to cause a flare up in most people, some foods contain so-called "natural sugars" which sensitive individuals (such as those with rosacea), should avoid for several months.

Results may vary.


Good Morning,


I just wanted to take a moment and fill you in on my dog, Emma Jean's progress since she started taking the Three Lac. I started her on a half a packet twice a day and that resulted in an onset of diarrhea within 24 hours, so I decreased it back to a half a packet once a day. After a few days, I increased it back to a half a packet twice a day without incident. I now have her on one packet in the morning and a half a packet at night. The results have been positive but interesting.


After just two or three days, her very red, itchy, scaly skin started to change. It became less red and more pink. After a few more days, the pink skin turned back to its normal color. The scales just kind of began to fall off leaving healthy skin in its place. Her hair that had become so brittle and thin has now taken on a new texture. It almost feels oily! Amazing considering her hair had become so brittle is was just breaking off and falling out. Before Emma Jean started on the Three Lac, she had a huge patch of missing hair on her left shoulder and chest area. For the first time since her surgery in July, which seemed to be the catalyst for this whole ordeal, she now has peach fuzz growing over the entire area. She has not had any hair there at all since July. Actually, her skin in that particular area looked much like that of a lizard.


As her symptoms of scratching, dry skin, and brittle hair took a change for the better, she did develop a secondary event in her right ear. Her right ear became very red and dry. She would rub in on the floor and scratch at it with her foot. I decided to stay the course and see what happened. After three or four days, it healed on its own. Overall, I am thrilled with the results of Three Lac and just wanted to let you know. I am going to continue Emma Jean on the Three Lac and I will keep you posted on her progress.


Thank you for being so helpful and kind during my initial contact with you. There is so much information available to us that it is sometimes very hard to disseminate the information and choose the products that best serve our needs. Your informational emails and your website were extremely helpful in the decision making process. I will keep you informed of Emma Jean's progress.


Wishing you a very healthy and Happy New Year.


Results may vary.


Hi Mark and Alyson,


I hope ya'll had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to another great Candida-free year!!


I used to get bad sinus infections every couple of months for the past 13 years (I'm 24 years old), and between sinus infections, I would get daily congestion and sinus headaches. I've been to every doctor possible, and none of them knew how to cure my chronic sinus problems except with lots of antibiotics. Since I met Michael Dukes in June and started taking threelac per his recommendation, my daily sinus headches and pains have gone away. I've changed my diet around (I do not eat dairy, refined sugar, non-natural meat, and try to stay away from products with yeast in it except for yogurt), stopped smoking, and I cut down on the amount of alcohol I was consuming. I've dropped three sizes (from a size 20 to a 14) and feel great, except that I still get the "bad" sinus infections every couple of months.


During my last sinus infection, I started taking three packs of threelac a day and it went away. For the first time in my life, I didn't have to take antibiotics. Last week, I've acquired another sinus infection (which I'm contributing to stress and lots of holiday food not on my diet). I've increased my dosage to three packs of threelac per day and am taking lots of natural antibiotics like echinacea, goldenseal, garlic, astragalus, and herbal combinations that I bought at health food stores. I'm starting to feel better, and I think I will eventually get better with the increase in threelac like last time.


Thank you so much,

Jayna M

Results may vary.


Thank you for your email.


Here is my story, so I may need to vary somewhat from the instructions in your email.


I had massive radiation for ovarian cancer, Stage 3, about 18 or 19 years ago. It is a "walking miracle" that I am alive today, for which I thank God. However, the radiation (5,000 rads to the lower abdomen) did "bad things" to my digestive tract. I have diarrhea often so my nutrient absorption does not have time to take place normally sometimes. However, I think my yeast overgrowth (which I have often enough now to believe it has become chronic) contributes to this.


What triggered the beginning of my present cycle was a bladder infection for which my Dr. prescribed a "big guns" antibiotic (one capsule a day). I took care of the bacterial infection alright, but I got a massive yeast infection (intestinal, thrush in the mouth & because I have chronic bronchitis, it actually infiltrated my lungs.) Taking ThreeLac & going on the low carb, no sugar diet, I was able to get rid of it (I thought) in about 3 weeks. I was "sick all over" from it and as a result of the low carb, no sugar diet, my weight dropped like a rock down to 100 lbs. Not good! I usually took the usually prescribed "one-dose" antibiotic before & one-dose after" dental work with no untoward effects at all. However, after the yeast attack from the "super antibiotic" my Dr. prescribed, now I get a flare-up from ANY anti-biotic. I have had a comprehensive "health-screen" lab panel, including "tumor-marker" tests (because of the quick, big weight loss from being "sick" from the yeast & the yeast diet which I will NEVER use again). The literature with my first shipment of ThreeLac, or the web site, said you did not need to use the "yeast diet" with ThreeLac. I quit the diet and it worked just as well, or better, than the diet did.


I believe the Threelac will help in bringing my system back into balance. Unfortunately, I was out of it when the most recent flareups occurred. I was having repeated dental work. I never experience a detectable "die-off" symptoms of yeast cells from taking ThreeLac. After about 3 weeks of "getting better" after each episode, I figured it was gone. Now, I believe I am carrying it systemically & probably should stay on ThreeLac permanently, so joined as a wholesale member.


I have written this email because I believe you have a great product in ThreeLac and have recommended it to friends and acquaintances who have some of the same problems as I, but from different causes. Unfortunately, I have "complications" like the aftermath of radiation, that most folks don't have. I have tried several "expensive" email products, but yours & the Bowel Soothe REALLY do work. I can't say the same for some of them, although they may work for some people.


I just wanted you to know that I believe ThreeLac works for the "exceptions" to the normal yeast-plagued patient.


I thank you for this product and am counting on receiving it soon & getting back on it so that perhaps I can actually regain my health and start to gain weight again.


Continued good fortune in your product lines in helping folks stay healthy or regain their health.



Geneva E.

Results may vary.


Hi Mark,


I'm doing good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always feel like I'm going to jinx myself when I say that!!My neck feels good. You've given me the best Christmas I've had in years!!Thankyou so much!!!!


Love, Kim

Results may vary.


Dear Mark,


I wanted to let you know that my personal experience with Three Lac has been excellent. My chronic aches and pains in the joints, early morning congestion, and general sense of well-being have improved dramatically.


I have placed several of my depressed patients on ThreeLac along with a few other vitamin suggestions and the results have been highly satisfactory. Several of my more complex patients who have presented with numerous medical issues seem to bail out too soon believing that the ThreeLac is doing nothing for them. My attempts to convince them that time on the product is essential have been to no avail; we live in the age of highly frustrated people who are desperately seeking the "quick fix". Keep up the good work! Recommending ThreeLac with the personal experience of good health as a direct result of ThreeLac is easy to do. Thanks for all your valuable experience and information.




Robert J. DiOrio, Ph.D., Psychology


Las Vegas, Nevada


Results may vary.


Subject: Happy Holidays


Mark & Allyson ~


I just wanted to thank you again for all you've done to help me this past year. Things are going well. I have been able to add things to my diet, but I still do not eat much sugar. A treat every once in a while is a bout it and I don't miss it! You both saved my life! God bless you! I also wanted to wish you both a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2005!



Susan Z from Ohio and part time in Florida

Results may vary.


Thanks for the info, whats the shelf life of the ThreeLac? It's saving my life by the way. I have a severe case in my kidneys and bladder and the Doctors wanted to give me antibioitics in an IV that would most likely kill the fungus AND MY KIDNEYS. I got out of the hospital a month ago and had fungus behind my ears, on my forehead, under my nails. Its gone after less than a month of ThreeLac and my overall improvement has been dramatic. I'm still fighting the fungus, but God Bless ThreeLac. Joe W


Note from Mark: The shelf life of ThreeLac is 18 months.

Results may vary.


Subject: recurring symptoms


Dear Mark:


Like yourself I suffered from a multitude of symptoms. Red inflamed facial skin, sore joints, chronic sinusitis, blurred vision just to name a few. I started the ThreeLac program about 8 months ago. I was astounded by the immediate improvement of all the aforementioned symptoms. Not only that but it was like coming out of a fog, it was astonishing.


Now some of the symptoms are once again back. Red flaky facial skin, runny nose and blurred vision although not nearly as bad as before.


What do you recommend for me to get back to that early success.




From Mark: Sometimes, Candida tries to raise its ugly head even after you have gotten it under control, especially during times of stress, or during the holidays (usually from eating sugar as well as the usual stress). What we recommend is to increase the maintenance dose by one packet per day to get it back under control again, usually for a month or so, and then drop back down to the regular maintenance dose again. Alyson had red facial splotches recur about a year after being completely well, but they went away again after increasing to two packets for a short time and they never came back.

Results may vary.


Hi Alyson,


We're doing great. My 7 year old does not cough anymore after a cold (cold induced asthma) I'm amazed.



Results may vary.


Subj: Re: Lactobacillus


To: CobbCoInc




If you plugged in the "lactobacillus sporogenes autism" you might find a lot of information on it. I know a Dr. Sidney Baker has been presenting his evidence at some of the conferences (I have not heard it yet). If the Threelac is what is helping my son's gut to heal that might explain why we have seen a jump in articulation lately. He also had a couple of gluten infractions with no reaction. I can usually see the infraction behaviors within two days. So far I have not seen anything. He does not do well with infractions which is why I am so careful. I have also found out recently that my daughter's allergies are diminished while on the Threelac two times a day. She has a habit of clearing her throat and coughing in her sleep. When she is on Threelac two times a day she does not do this. A couple of moms I know who purchased Threelac are showing improvement in themselves so now they are venturing on to their kids (both typical and autistic kids).


As for me, I will continue to use Threelac. This may sound odd but my skin is more clear when I take it.



Results may vary.


Hey Mark, I have been taking three lac and the oxygen elements and today I feel awesome! Seriously I did not think this would work and it was my last hope, because I tried everything. Trust me three lac works. I think I had die off for the past couple of days-sore throat, runny nose and depressed. Well its finally going away and I feel like a million bucks.



Results may vary.


Subject: Another Milestone


Hi Mark & Alyson,


My husband and I attended our James’s Fall IEP (Individualized Education Program) meeting at his elementary school last night. His second grade teacher couldn’t say enough positive comments about his amazing progress. She told us James is doing the same work as his peers and is keeping up at the second-grade level in all of his studies. Our school system is rated as the best in Massachusetts, so this is quite significant that he can actually keep up with the challenging curriculum! His teacher and the other school administrators there at the meeting told us James is very popular and well-liked by other children. He is attentive, conscientious and hard-working. At the end of the meeting, his teacher also said she completely believes if James continues to make this type of progress, he will not need an IEP within two years. This means he will have completely recovered from his ASD.


No one has ever said these things to us before! The school administrators used to always tell us not to get our hopes up too high, and to plan on James being “impaired” for the rest of his life. Last spring, his teacher and individual tutors definitely did not give us the idea he wouldn’t need an IEP in the future. This is a HUGE milestone, exactly what we have been working towards since James was first diagnosed. We have been so enmeshed in the process of working to improve all of his weaknesses, we really were not truly aware he had come this far so fast. He started really taking off this summer. He has been on ThreeLac for four months, and we are already being told he is indistinguishable from his classmates.




You can definitely share my email, I am so happy to share our wonderful news with you and others. It makes everything even more meaningful. I hope there is a successful way to share information with parents and doctors that will convey the truth and convince them enough to keep going. From my experience, it is tremendously challenging to deal with an autistic child. Parents, especially, need to be highly motivated with a goal they believe in. Luckily, the changes in our children start taking place after only a few short weeks of taking ThreeLac!



Results may vary.


THANK YOU SO MUCH. I read your website again last night and saw that they could be inserted vaginally. I had empty gel caps from making herbal and aromatherapy remedies and filled a few with the threelac. I wasn't sure how many to insert so i did insert only one, but you know what? It did it! I am pain free for the first time in weeks.......GOD BLESS YOU!!!! I am telling EVERYONE about this product. much love many blessings and all the best to you and your husband,



Results may vary.


Subject: Updates and Thank You


Subject: thank you




I owe you an email, infact i owed you an email quite some time ago!


DO you remember me? I am Harriet from London, England.


My life has changed so much. Since I discovered you and Threelac i am SO much better. It has taken a good 10 months but i can safely say that i have the beast under control! Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement through out this time and for ALWAYS answering my emails of desparation....even on Thanks Giving.


As far as my health goes. I do have a few lapses here and there and i can usually relate these to menstral cycle or stress AND i can get these under control. BUT that aside i am back to my old self. I made a few changes to help me, my diet for one. I don't eat much sugar if any, i don't have cravings for it either. I eat properly and saw a nutritionist to ensure that my body was getting the right vitimins (i am vegetarian). My energy levels are back and i am able to exersise again and enjoy it too! I haven't had a full on cold for months and my immune system is so much stronger.. i travel on the packed underground and buses every day here in London.


I am extremely proud of myself because i haven't been near a doctor and haven't been in hospital for a WHOLE year.... long may it last. I was in hospital 4 times last year!


AND this is the best bit... i have been able to set up my own little company with a business partner. We are an Orchestral Management Company and supply musicians and singers for parties/events/concerts/shows. I set it up as a production company so that we can do our own shows. So as you can see, life really is BRILLIANT and heaps of fun. I will email you the link if you like....when the website is up and running in a few months. You can then see the events we did over the summer and what i have been able to achieve because of you.


Thank you so much again for absolutely every thing. I really hope that you are very well too.


Miles of Smiles Harriet x

Results may vary.


Hey, I think you're right on target with your "Candida" hypothesis...I had severe brain fog for years and years--could barely function. I had fuzzy thinking, poor memory, visual disturbances, and felt so confused and as if I were walking in a dream all the time. After years of research and lots of doctors visits, and false hypotheses, I came upon Candida websites.....I just knew that this Candida theory had to be "it" because all my symptoms were explained by it.....


My brain fog has now been completely gone for a year and a half (after 8 long years of suffering). What did it for me were two products-- threelac and active enzymes from a company called global health trax. When I first ordered I was very very skeptical. I never ordered stuff like that but I was so desperate and the testimonials sounded so genuine. Anyway, after a couple months on those products my brain fog was gone for good. I thank god every day because I finally have my mind back! My thinking is Crystal clear, what a joy!!!!!!!!! Well, I just thought I'd post this for others w/ brain fog to read. I know how Terrible and debilitating these symptoms can be and so I feel like it's my responsibility in some way to share w/ others what has worked for me. (: Cityangels

Results may vary.


Dear Mark,


I want to thank you for your letter on the web sight that I found an read. It was the letter that Id like to say,"saved my life"! I Am really positive about this product and have been taking it for a few months now and I love it! I am feeling great!. I also want to thank you for the step by step letters on how to take it. I am following you instructions for use of the threelac. Again thank you for being so caring and taking time to make sure that I'm doing well.



Beverly S.

Results may vary.


Dear Mark,


Whatever is in what I'm taking, which is Three Lac and the Oxygen Elements (sp?), is definitely doing something very good. My body works better now and my chronic stiffness and pain has been substantially reduced. I have 2 bulging discs in my lower back, 1 bulging disc in my neck and slight scoliosis in the middle of my back. I was in a 5 car accident 1981 and my face hit the steering wheel each time a car was hit. I was the first car stopped at the red light when I was rear-ended and pushed across an intersection into stopped cars. To say the least, my body has sustained quite a bit of trauma in my 42 years. I went on-line to look up TMJ and that brought me to your information on Candida and Fibromyalgia. My chiropractor and I are certain that I suffer from Fibromyaligia. Thank you so much for your website and the insightful information you provide. You are the reason that I'm feeling better and I just wanted to thank you with all my heart.


Jean D Oak Park,


Results may vary.


Hi Lynn -- I do feel a lot better -- but I believe I still have a long way to go. I have had some improvements -- my eyes don't itch like they used, so far no sign of sinus infection, I am not crippled up in the morning when I get up out of bed or when I get off the couch for the first few steps (I thought I was getting arthritis) -- I now get up and walk with no problem at all, my inner ears used to itch -- that also is gone. So there is quite a bit of difference -- I do find though that I have to be careful as to what I eat -- I know no sugar -- but I find if I eat fruit or pasta that it seems to bother me -- or it may not be that at all, I don't know. It seems to me that I read somewhere that you will get "flare ups". And one of the most important things -- I am starting to lose some weight -- I tried to lose last Fall, without results -- so I guess my PH balance was out.



Results may vary.


Good Morning Mark & Alyson,


Well, we have one of those "Miracle Stories" in the making. We recently met a lady that is a Massage Therapist ...her Husband's elderly Mother started taking ThreeLac / OE+ 5 days ago and ... She's a NEW PERSON as of yesterday ! She has one collapsed lung, congestive heart failure, diabetes, a stroke and many other ailments that we don't fully know about yet. She has been using a "lift chair" to get up from a sitting position ....now she doesn't bother to push the button ...just gets up ! She couldn't walk from one end of the house to the other without getting "winded" ...now she's back and forth and playing with her Grandkids. In fact she got on a plane yesterday and flew back east for some kind of a trip ...her Kids are just amazed. Stay tuned for further developments.


Warren and Karen

Results may vary.



Subject: Update/Itching




I received the Threelac on Thursday afternoon, and I immediately took one packet. I took another Friday and Saturday morning. I also started the Life Support drops on Thursday and I am ecstatic to report that last night I slept the majority of the night with very little itching, and I did not use ice bags on my legs for the first time in 10 weeks to get relief. This product is a God send and you are his messenger. I cannot tell you how close I was to the brink of disaster, thinking I could not live like this much longer. I am going to go to work tomorrow and for the first time in a long time I will be able to concentrate on my work. So far I have not experienced any Die Off symptoms, but I know there is a lot more improvement to come. There is a place in heaven for you and your wife...


Thank You, Thank God,

Jackie R


(Jackie suffered horribly with constant and debilitating itching all over her body)

Results may vary.




I started on one packet of Threelac a day a month ago and I must say I have had a decrease in the constant pain I had in my back and neck. My nerves feel calmer and I am sleeping for longer periods of time at night. This is extremely encouraging since I have been suffering for approximately ten years.


If this stuff continues to heal me of all of my numerous symptoms I think I am going to build a monument dedicated to you guys! I feel like I may just get my life back again. I just turned 35 and was just hanging on in life for my parents sake. This product may very well have saved my life.


Thanks again and God bless,





I feel like a new person already. I can't thank you guys enough.




(Note from Mark: Vicki's symptoms also included chronic vaginal yeast infections and urinary burning, both "much improved" in an email from October).

Results may vary.


Dear Alyson and Mark,


I have been taking threelac and OxE plus for a while now, I have just gone up to 5 packs a day. My symptoms have got a lot better and continue to do so. Threelac has made a massive difference to my life. Thank you!


Kind regards,

Susi R.

Results may vary.


Subject: Exciting Update!


Dear Mark and Alyson,


My name is Sherrie Speight and I am a 33 year old female that found your website five months ago. I must say that it changed my life in an instant because I finally made the connection. It has been a while since we have been in contact, and I do appreciate the fact that you are keeping in touch and truly care about other people suffering with the symptoms of Candida. I am now up to taking four packets a day. I have had a very long and twisted battle with my health all of my life. Early in my childhood suffering with chronic ear infections, horrible migraines that started at the age of 5, moving on to chronic bladder infections that required surgery, mono, recurring ovarian cysts, irregular menstrual cycles, awful PMS , along with shingles in my early 30’s. Within the last few years, I have started to have chronic sinus infections, and tested positive for sleep apnia. I was in a hopeless cycle of going to the doctor two or three times a month. I am not afraid to ask for help, and I have taken countless prescriptions and would estimate that I have been on antibiotics more than 100 times in 33 years. All of these trips to the doctors have cost me in the $10,000-$20,000 range, not to mention the incredible deep depression that came with not understanding why I was always sick.


Last November, I was under an incredible amount of stress and both of my parents were in the hospital with heart problems and I had a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t get the depression under control (I had taken 6 different anti-depressants in less than a year), and my weight spun out of control as well. I had an awful sinus infection that I couldn’t get rid of even though I had taken three different antibiotics. That is when my back went out, stopped me dead in my tracks, and I sought the help of a chiropractor. I made a deal with myself that when I figured out what was wrong with me, I would do whatever it took to regain my health.. In March, my back went out again and I was searching the web for information on Fibromyalgia, I landed on your page and was in tears within reading the first two pages. I found myself in 95% of the symptoms you were talking about. I was extremely skeptical that all of my “sick cycles” could be so simple. I went straight to my chiropractor with a ten page medical history and said, “Doc, I know you have been doing this for many years and I really respect your opinion. You are the only one who has helped me with my pain and I was wondering if you could review my medical history and tell me what you know about Candida.” He told me that America (he is from Yugoslavia), is the only country complaining of these symptoms and that it was probably nothing. If I was concerned about the diet that I should eat, maybe I ought to read a book called Possibility Living by Robert A. Schuller. That was my homework, and in the meantime, he would check out the webpage. Upon returning two days later, I am happy to report that we had both ordered 3lac from different people. He has his own success story now.


Since then, I am ecstatic to report:


-Within 5 days, I was breathing out of my nose for the first time in 5 months!- special note: my 13 year old pug started breathing out of her nose for the first time in 6 years!!! After I gave her 1/8 tsp in just 3 days. She quit barking at the cabinets when I feed her and has more energy than when she was half her age.


-I no longer need to use the CPAP machine to keep me from snoring.


-I sleep so much better- and dream a lot.


-The ringing in the ears went away the first week.


-My backache has pretty-much vanished.


-I have only taken 2 aspirin for headaches- that’s it NO other drugs in five months!


-I have lost 28lbs.


-My depression is finally under control with NO drugs.


-The fungus under my toenails vanished in the first month along with the patch of rosacea on my face.


-My skin has really cleared up- (still a small rash under arms)


-I have not had a single bladder infection- that is a 5 month record since I was 9 years old


-I am more “regular” than I have ever been- moving 2 to 5 times a day.


-My menstrual cycle has been right on, even the off months that I used to skip- unbelievable!


-I have not had a single boil-I used to have one lanced every time I had my menstrual cycle.


-I do not get a migraine at the onset of my cycle. In fact, I have only had one in five months.


-I have noticed a remarkable difference in PMS symptoms lessening.


-Now, this is big for me. . . . I have not thrown up in five months.


-I have not doubled over in “undiagnosed pain” and ended up in the emergency room.


-I haven’t even thought about going to the doctor.


-I no longer have to wear my glasses.


-I have not had a single anxiety attack and no longer need the prescription tranquilizers.


-I made it through several flu cycles at work and did not get sick!


-Oh, I almost forgot, that phlegm in the back of my throat is almost non-existent.


-I have a newfound sense of well-being.


-I love telling my story and want you to publish my information and invite anyone to contact me and ask questions if they are skeptical. I am on the East-Coast. My e-mail address is shersp8@yahoo.com. I can’t find enough words to thank-you for everything. Hope you have a blessed day.




Sherrie Speight

Results may vary.


Subject: dogs


I suggested my girlfriend try three lac and OE+ on her Jack Russell terrier who was having a terrible time with skin allergies and INCREDIBLE itching. She gave him 1/4 teaspoon once a day in his food and within a week his itching has stopped and the redness on his tummy is nearly gone! She has asked for a canister to keep on hand for him and will continue to give it to him for the summer. Will wonders never cease?? I love this!



Results may vary.


Subject: Good news about my friend


Hey Mark,


Thought you'd like to hear a good report.


My friend, Susan, has been on ThreeLac for a month now, and has more energy and a more positive outlook than she's had in years. But this isn't all...


She's been trying to get pregnant for 8 years, to no avail, and just told me she did a pregnancy test and it came up positive!! I had a feeling the ThreeLac would end her infertility!! I feel so fulfilled because I introduced her to the ThreeLac and now she's finally going to have her long-awaited baby. Wow.


Just wanted to let you know how you've helped yet another person.


Kim :-)

Results may vary.


Subject: Thank you again


Dear Alyson,


I have to asking your forgiveness, because I didn’t wrote to you so long. Mind you – that could be a welcome relief from the previous contacts with you. Probably, I keeping the all time record with you guys with the quantity off e-mails – lol. I hope nobody will be in the situation as I was. Only now starting to sink in, how bad I was and lucky I was to find a very good product and a wonderful support from you dear Alyson. The only good thing - I think – I got it under control. Mind you, I am still don’t do thing’s, I shouldn’t do with Candida infection. Drinking and eating habit still there and I think this is little bit psychological also. I don’t take chances, if I don’t have to do it. Once somebody was on the path as I was, definitely don’t want to be there again. The 3lac is worked very nicely to get the density of the Candida down in my body.I don’t even know, what I have done without it. The “die off “ effect was bearable once I followed Marks instruction and if was to much the next day I took less 3lac. Thank you very much again for everything.


Take care and best regards.


George, Nigeria




Dear Alyson and Mark!


I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for all your help. I am sure, I could not done without you. This is reporting the victory. The Candida is under control. I am still watching what I am eating (old habit die hard - lol) the symtoms are the past.


Thanks again and best regards.



Results may vary.


Subject : ThreeLac


Hello, Mark and Alyson -


ThreeLac is wonderful! I can't thank you enough for your testimony and web site that led me to start taking this product. I am a Type I diabetic of 52 years and I can't remember the last time I felt this good! (I have had no hospitalizations for it, no transplants, have all my limbs and digits, no heart problems, but just plain didn't feel good for a long time.) I'm taking 3 packets a day right now, but will go back down to a maintenance dose when it's appropriate and now have gone about a week with quite stable sugars. Just the fact that I have some energy is enough to make me shout for joy! All the other good stuff is added bonus! I could go on forever about what symptoms have disappeared, but I won't. You already know how good it is! Just wanted to thank you so very, very much. God bless you.


Winnifred T

Results may vary.


Dear Mr Cobb,


I just wanted to touch base with you. I have noticed that I am not depressed anymore, and I have so much energy. It has been years since I've felt this good. I have actually quit taking medicine for depression, and I am not taking as much pain medicine as before. Instead of merely existing, I am beginning to enjoy life. I've even joined a gym. I'm working full time and taking Internet classes on line. I am much indebted to you. Thank you for everything. God bless & keep you.


Gloria D

(Gloria began taking ThreeLac in early May) - Mark

Results may vary.



Subject: More fan mail


Hi Gabriel/Mark/Alyson


Just a quick note of thanks as my first tin of Threelac is nearing empty! I won't go into too much detail because I know you've heard it all before but I just have to mention how surprised I continue to be to find something that actually delivers what it claims.


Particular benefits: - Brain fog has lifted like I can't believe; I remember things better, I analyse things better/more quickly, I have more confidence in my decisions as a result. I feel brighter, less depressed, less emotional. I'm squeezing extra tasks into the day without feeling either exhausted or "hard done by". My burning, watery eyes are improving as are sinuses, ears and foot fungus (Yuk!). Tummy area and "women's things" are hugely better and generally there's a flatter feel in the area as a whole.


I have so many bottles, lotions and potions because I'm always looking for something to take to make me feel better. Invariably, they go well out of their sell-by date because I'm not motivated to take them because I don't make a particular connection with them and feeling better. Yet I've never missed a dose of Threelac and OE+. I find that interesting. I haven't taken a thing other than your products in the last three weeks and I expect they'll all go in the bin soon as I simply accept that there's no point in keeping them any more to take haphazardly - I don't need them (I almost never throw anything away so why am I feeling happy to throw them away?!). But I have just ordered 4 cans of Threelac to start me on the road to 5 Threelacs a day to zap "the monster" once and for all in the coming weeks and I just know that I will stay the course because the benefits are so clear.


My husband mentioned casually and in an almost puzzled tone the other day that I'm disturbing him less at night and that I'm hardly snoring any more! (Elegant huh?!) I haven't really mentioned the Threelac over much because he's so used to me having so many alternative therapies around the place which he just isn't in to. But my point is, if he doesn't really know about Threelac, it can't be just a placebo effect that he noticed it, can it? He must have genuinely noticed an improvement to mention it. Especially as he's not exactly the over sensitive type so the difference must be like a sledgehammer!


I said I wouldn't go into too much detail so I'll stop now! Sorry to go on! It's just so incredible to be feeling so much better in so short a space of time.


Best regards to each of you.


Jane B, UK

Results may vary.


Mark & Alyson,


Hello! Well, tomorrow will be 6 weeks of taking one packet of ThreeLac every day, and my energy is definitely improving, slowly but surely, as is my irritability. And I haven't had any brain fog in a couple of weeks. (My only symptoms were fatigue, irritability and brain fog.) I've also been taking the following every day, at your suggestion: calcium, the psyllium husk fiber / malic acid, Nettle Tea, and the B12. The pain during my periods had been ungodly every since I started suffering from Candida in February. I was very surprised that with my period last month, although I felt discomfort and was very aware of the PMS, no actual pain ever came. It was great! Mark, you told me on the phone that Alyson went from painful periods to "now she doesn't know it's coming until she sees the blood." At the time I couldn't imagine that, but that's exactly what happened to me yesterday! I wasn't expecting mine for another 5 days, but there it was! And I swear - I wouldn't even know it was here now except for the bleeding - it's incredible!! (Now I understand why my appetite has been out-of-control for the past few days ;) ) My painful periods used to severely interrupt and take control over my life, and now I'm hardly even noticing them! Thank you so much for everything!!! I plan to increase my dosage of ThreeLac to 2 packets a day, starting tomorrow, since I'll be at 6 weeks. Wish me luck!



Sara :)

Results may vary.


dear Cobb's,


This thank you is long overdue in writing.


Back in DEC, 2003 I was ready to take my own life as a result of all the pain I was living with. I was having a doctor coming to the house every other day with opioids to ease the pain.


one of my doctors was convinced that i had developed some from of a cancer that he believed that was spreading rapidly through my body. i told him he was full of crap. i am not taking any more tests. i had open heart surgery in April 03 with a 4 way BI pass, i was diagnosed as BIPOLAR 2 way before all these other medical issues turned up. my Candida issues began in my childhood as a result of being over medicated with million units of antibiotics daily from age 7 until age 18, as a result of rheumatic fever.


I have been using 3 Lac since late DEC 03 and I am here to tell you at age 55 I have never felt better in my life. My blood work has come back twice in 6 months with numbers that are normal or right near normal.the doctors cannot believe the changes that are occurring in my mental and physical conditions.


I am finally at PEACE with my self. I know I still have a way to go in beating this most awful infection that over time has been trying to take my life from me, as it does with anyone who is infected with it, it is like a cancer that grows and grows and these close minded doctors.


Whatever good years I have left I will make it my life's work to let people know that what they just might have is not what their doctor has told them they have.


I always like to remind people that doctors are in the business of SICKNESS, not WELLNESS, and no one should ever forget that MEDICINE IS A BUSINESS.


If we were to all stay well the only doctors who would be in business would be TRAUMA doctors and cosmetic doctors.


So all I wish to say is GOD BLESS the Cobb's, and GOD BLESS the scientists who discovered 3 Lac.


Everyone stay well, stick with the program and you are not alone with this illness.




Las Vegas, Nevada

Results may vary.


Subject: Testimonial


Mark and Alyson,


Wanted you to read a great letter from one of my Canadian friends.... Told her to dilute the OE+ and rinse her ears with it (I love that stuff!) Lynn


Hi, Lynn,


I have been doing really well. I have lost a dress size since starting on it the last week of May. I feel better too. I have not had to wear my knee brace since starting on the 3Lac and my exzema has cleared up completely from my hands. I still have itchy ears sometimes, but not as bad as they were. I still have allergic type reactions to the elements, but not nearly as bad as before.


The only dietary adjustment I have made is cutting out white flour, most starches (which I was avoiding anyway, due to allergies)and refined sugar products. I am substituting with rye bread and oatmeal. I switched from regular sweetner to Stevia and I am drinking water and unsweetened juices instead of diet pop.


Even when I cheat a little sometimes, I have no trouble getting back on the band wagon, as my reaction to the "bad" foods is very noticable (the exzema comes back and I feel generally lousy the next day).


I will continue for another couple of months and see what happens. So far I am happy with the results, but I have a long way to go yet. Thanks for asking!


Will let you know how I am progressing.

Results may vary.


14 week progress report, 5 packets (I believe I am on the 9 month plan)


Symptoms gone-chest pains ear problems


brain has cleared alot anxiety - for the most part depression insomnia (I sleep at least 4-5 hours a night not always as soundly as other nights) twitching bladder pain vision problems alot of the severe confusion much of the itching blood sugar swings frequent urination weight loss from water loss


able to get off 3 antidepressants!!!!since starting


Thanx in advance

Melanie Parana

Results may vary.


Subject: Howdy


Hi guys. Just thought I'd check in. Today is my threelac anniversary. I started the first week of June last year. I cannot believe what a change my body has taken. I have been feeling really good lately. My system is back on track, I can finally feel it.


Happy summer to you guys!!



Results may vary.


Subject: thank you


Dear Mark,


Thank you for such an awesome informative website. I too have suffered from yeast overgrowth and it is so VALIDATING to read your website. I found three lac through my doctor about 8 months ago and I too had immediate improvements. I have also had to do a lot of other things to restore my immune system (including esp my adrenals). Just wanted to thank you again. I believe God is going to use my journey through this health crisis of chronic and debilitating pain to help others (it has been a nine year journey). I am thankful to see you are helping people through your website! Keep up the much needed work and education!



Paula B.

Results may vary.


Subject: wait til you hear this


Hi Guys!


Wait til you hear this great news. (You may already know this, but it was news to me) A lady in Ontario has been taking 3 Lac for a month and while it cleared up the thrush in her mouth she couldn't knock the vaginal yeast infection. So she took a gelatin capsule and filled it with 3 Lac and inserted it in her vagina every night and VOILA! yeast infection is gone! Amazing!



Results may vary.


Hi Alyson, Hi Mark.


Just an update on my experience with ThreeLac so far. In case you don't remember. I started taking it when my tongue was coated with a nice layer of raw pie dough. I took 1 pqt a day for about 3 weeks, then 2 pqt a day for another 3 weeks. Now my tongue is rosy, my thoughts are finally clear -- I couldn't think well enough to decide which shoe was left and which was right-- now my IQ is back to normal and I can finally nag my husband again and actuallly be right!!!! . I started teaching again! I have energy! ENERGY!! I hadn't seen that one around for months! I get up in the morning and by the time I go to bed I have actually accomplished stuff! I am very grateful for your site. Thank you for your help.



Results may vary.


Hi Mark Cobb,


I have been using the oxygen elements plus for about a week. I had a change in myself the first time I drank it. It was defintely different. I can breathe more easily and my cognition improved. I was not wonderful yet I felt like the torturment of this condition was lifted. Oh anyways, Ive been taking the ThreeLac I think for about three days. my irritable bowel has been greatly improved and i m not having panic. Thats a good thing. I was wondering if you think or have seen people gain memory and be able to think well.




Results may vary.


Subject: Off the wagon and YIKES!!


I wrote to you last fall about my success with three-lac in abating many health problems I was having. The main problem was a horrendous yeast infection that would not go away after a year, and my doctor saying to me we were getting to the end of what she could do for me. The Candida diet is a death sentence, for sure, completely ridiculous. What I did was take the three-lac and do a modified diet - one that was realistic to stick to. Anyhow, I was feeling amazing, and my yeast infection cleared up for good (with patience and keeping up with the Dr. treatment as you suggested) to my Dr.'s surprise and delight. I was doing amazing, then around Christmas time I fell off the wagon little by little, and now 4 months later I've spent the past week on-line trying to figure out what is wrong with me - I've got dizziness and balance problems, my hair is falling out, I just feel crappy all the time, no energy. I've started taking iron pills again - no help. I though maybe I had hypothyroidism, but I really don't have the symptoms. I've also had some tingling sensations, an increase in my depression and foggy feeling - just can't concentrate or think well, it's like your IQ dropping 30 points. My husband thought it was stress, and that is a factor, but I know I feel too bad for it to be just that. In looking up hypothyroidism, and knowing that's not really what I have, your website came up and I thought, for Petes sake, OF COURSE! This is what's happening again! Not taking three-lac and having a sugar and junky diet, what did I expect was going to happen! I got complacent and went off the program, and not only got back to where I was before, but worse! This confirms for me everything I said and thought before about three-lac and your information being a god-send and the only answer. Thank God for you guys, I'm ordering more three-lac today and looking forward to getting out of this hell-hole of bad health and this time staying out! I'll keep you posted!



Results may vary.


Hi Mark


I noticed from the date of this e-mail it's been two months ....well, I am feeling heaps better as you said I would. My hair shines, my skin is pink and rosy and my energy levels are back to normal. I am still getting die off symptoms, these are mainly with my knees and hips that flare up from one week to the next. My mobility in my joints has got better after each flare up which is pleasing. I am taking a high strength multi vit & min, plus vit C, Coral Calcium, plus high strength Antioxidant (I must rattle when I walk !!) My warmest wishes to both you and Alyson, I hope you are well and happy.


Speak to you soon


Results may vary.


Hello...I just read your website and it was very informative. I have suffered from recurring yeast infections for a few years now. After going to my gynecologist several times and getting nowhere - he would prescribe a week of vaginal cream or suppositories - then it would come back after a couple of months. I decided to figure this out on my own and found the Global Trax website. I ordered the Three Lac and went eight months without a yeast infection! I was so excited. I've since had two because I became complacent and stopped taking it, thinking I was probably rid of the Candida. Apparently not. I am now taking Three Lac again and plan to stay on it forever.



Results may vary.


Hi Alyson,


I just thought I ought to write.... I took the Fosfosoda as per your recommendation and my die-off symptoms were gone the next day. Thank goodness, I was feeling terrible! Its strong stuff so I only did one 45ml bottle in the morning which I felt was enought to clean me out.


Since that time I've felt realy good and quite happily moved up now to 2x 3-lac per day. I take flax oil with meals, booked colonic irrigation and am awaiting some psyllium husks to be sent to me from the USA.


I've tried many different plans for 10months with 2 different UK based naturopaths and your system has been a case of third time lucky. ie the only one which really worked. I've only been on the 3-lac for 4-5 weeks. Nevertheless, after nearly 9 long and difficult years I'm delighted to be seeing light at the end of the tunnel.


Many, many thanks. Will.

Results may vary.


From: Jean B.


Mark and Alyson,


this is the email I have waited to write. It will be long because I want to tell my story to those who may be like me.


It began in January of 2003 after taking a round of a potent antibiotic. I began to have major stomach troubles - gas, indigestion, and stomach gurgling. I just attributed it to the antibiotic and thought it would go away, but it only got worse. In March, I went to see my doctor and had all the test, which came back negative.


I started doing my own research and found a site that linked the antibiotics to a systemic yeast problem. The site stated that more people were being affected because these two drugs were being used to combat Anthrax. When I looked at the symptoms, I knew this was my problem - fatigue, digestive problems, night sweats, irregular heartbeat, depression, forgetfulness, low body temperature, and a horrible looking tongue.


I was convinced that I had a yeast overgrowth problem and that it had been there for years. I had my first "yeast infection" at the age of 15 - I had taken antibiotics for acne starting at age 13. My youngest son was born with thrush, so where did he get it?


After looking at the treatments for Candida, let's just say I wasn't encouraged. The yeast diet was a bummer, I wasn't thrilled about all the supplements I would have to take, and I definitely didn't want to take antifungal drugs for an extended period of time. That's when I found your website.


You know I was a skeptic. I have been teaching Marketing at a local university since 1990 and I always tell my students, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". Mark, I will never forget our first phone call that Sunday afternoon. You knew every thing I was going through and I felt you were sincere in your beliefs about Threelac and OE+. Still, the skeptic in me wanted some reassurance. When I visited my gastroenterologist, I told him I thought I had a yeast problem. He said some people can get a post-infection from an antibiotic - some people get over it, some don't. When I showed him the info on Threelac, he said there was nothing in it that could hurt me and to try it. I felt better knowing I had a doctor's reassurance.


In June, I started Threelac and OE+. I made the commitment that I was going to try this for 6 months. The first month, I felt great. When I went to 2 packs, the die-off started - major fatigue, headaches, a horrible vaginal discharge, and I want go into what was happening in my toilet. This lasted for about 3 weeks and then I started to get better.


Along the way, I still had my doubts. But I remember an episode in late July that made me believe that it was working and that you did know what you were talking about. I had been having ear pain and thought I must have swimmer's ear. When I went to the doctor he told me I had a middle ear infection and gave me an antibiotic. Mark, you said you were willing to bet it wasn't a bacterial infection, but that my body was fighting off the yeast. You suggested I follow the doctor's recommendation, but I decided I wasn't going to take the antibiotic. Instead, I took an antihistamine and aspirin for 2 days. The pain stopped. I was convinced!


I worked my way up to 5 five packs in December and stayed there for 5 weeks. I have gradually worked my way back down to 2 packs (getting ready to go to my MAINTENANCE pack soon), and I feel great. All the symptoms I had before are gone. I am so proud of my healthy looking tongue!! I do still have a little gas, but I consume a lot of gassy foods (nuts, broccoli, beans, and figs) for the fiber content.


I lost 17 pounds in 7 months, which I think was a healthy weight loss. I went form a size 10 to a 4. Weight loss was not my goal. As a matter of fact, I got concerned that it wouldn't stop. But as you told me, it would plateau. I have been at the same weight now since October. I have no desire to go back to the eating habits of yesterday, I feel too good for that.


My whole family is now on Threelac and OE+. My sons, 8 and 6, do not take allergy medicine anymore and they have fought off every cold this winter, without medication. My husband is now up to 3 packs and his cholesterol numbers are good. I will let you know his results after he goes to 5 packs.


I just want to thank you both for all the support and encouragement you have given me for almost a year. You guys held my hand too many times to count! I hope all that read this will be encouraged. The most important thing is to stay the course and not give up, even when you think nothing is happening!


Lastly, and most importantly, let me say that I am a Christian; I don't believe things just happen in life. I prayed about the direction I should take in ridding myself of these symptoms. I believe God led me to Threelac, not only for my health, but for my family and friends that are now using it. I can't even begin to imagine the kinds of health problems we have prevented and for that, I give God all the praise!


Mark and Alyson, I love you both!!




Alabama, USA

Results may vary.


Ok guys,


Here is my conclusion. I have been off pain medication for over a week. The first 5 days were hell, but it has now been two days that I am noticing a difference. Last night was a bit tough but today I can tell you that I notice the pain waning in and out much more frequently. I take many hot baths a day when it gets bad, but the pain, to estimate, is about half of what it normally is. I must have been one very toxic fungus person!!!!! I just think I'm going to be one of those people that it will take a full 6-8 months, but I really think I'm getting better.




MY love,



(Ramona has been on Threelac for two months - Mark and Alyson)

Results may vary.




Thanks for touching base with me. And feel free to tell others about my improvements and recovery. You are more than welcome to put http://groups.yahoo.com/group/autism_information_arkansas on your website.


Rona and I send people your way every chance we get. Take care and stay well ----> that's my plan !!


Kind Regards & Blessings,

Marcie Cooper


In August 2003 we became familiar with a "Global Health Trax" product called "ThreeLac". It is to rid the body of Yeast overgrowth which can cause a LARGE range of problems. This Yeast or Fungi can make you sick in so many ways: from Acid Reflux to Sinus infections (the doctors CAN NOT cure with antibiotics) to all kinds of Gut and Colon problems. In my case, I had a severe sinus infection for the last 4 or 5 years. At one point, about 2 years ago the infection was so bad that it turned into Spinal Meningitis which I was hospitalized for amount 2 weeks and then told to self quarantine for a month in my home due to my immune system being deadly low. Well in August 2003, I started taking the ThreeLac. The doctors can find NO signs of the sinus infection they couldn't cure, and I feel better than I have felt in about 10 years. I also suffered from BAD Acid Reflux and it is also complete gone. Needless to say, Rona & both of kids, me, my husband & kids, & the grandparents all are taking a maintance dose everyday now.


Good luck, I hope this info has been of help.


Kindest Regards,


Marcie Cooper ( North East Arkansas )

Autism Information Arkansas list owner & informal group moderator

Program Supervisor & ABA Therapist for THTP

Aunt to Nicholas (1-5-00) Diagnosed June 2002

RECOVERY from Autism can be Possible with EARLY Intervention !!!

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Subject: Infants


From (deleted for privacy)


Dear Mark and Alyson,


Hi again! I finally started my baby on Threelac! Karen was strongly urging me for a long time. He is five months old now and he has had a booger nose since the day he was born. I can not get near him anymore with the aspirator but now I don't need to! The very next morning after his first dosage of threelac he woke up booger-free!! It has been 12 days and so far so good. Devon has had no adverse reactions that I can tell. I also have not had to give him aspirin at night for what I thought was teething pain. Trying to get the medicine dropper near his face was a chore at first with the threelac but after the second day, it has become a treat. He opens his mouth and actually acts as if he likes it! That is really good considering he won't even eat his rice cereal! I had called my doctor the other day to ask him if it was safe to take the active enzymes while I was breastfeeding and he said there was nothing in there that would hurt either of us and then I asked him about Flax seed ( the pharmacist said it would travel through the breastmilk) and he said it was one of the safest ways to clean the bowels. I got his curiosity up and then he started asking me questions, he said that I sounded great and why all the questions about vitamins etc, I told him about the fenugreek for breastfeeding and the nettles for the moodswings and he was excited about it and told me to let him know if it works! I can't wait till our next appointment. It is still a month away and that just gives us more time for healing under the belt so he can ask all the questions he wants! He is all for doing things naturally, instead of by prescription, he is one of the few Dr.s I know that isn't a drug pusher ( although, it would have been nice to have during labor!), and his wife and his father are both Dr.s in the same hospital. So, if you have one left over for me, say a prayer cuz I will be letting him know everything at our next appointment!


Thank you, and God Bless! D.J.

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Hi Mark!


I have some good news this time - no questions. :-)


After about 4 days of pretty heavy die-off, I'm starting to see some good things happen in my body.


My acne has been clearing up for the first time since I was 11 years old (and I'm 33)! It's so soft and smooth. And this has been during my menstrual cycle, of all times. WOW!


And I've felt 'lighter' - like part of the heavy load is off me. I hope this continues to improve!


Every time I start itching and have a headache or go through other die-off symptoms, I thank God for it because I know it's a sign of healing.


I'm taking 3 packets per day now and having no die-off, so I'll stay at this amount for awhile. I'm taking 3 drops of OE+ twice a day.


Just wanted to share. I look forward to more improvements. Considering I've been sick with this Monster since birth, I'm amazed that I'm already experiencing some positive changes.


Thanks so much for your website. I've been referring lots of people to it, as people are looking for answers to their mysterious health problems. I hope to be a walking billboard for ThreeLac and OE+ someday.


Kim :-)

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Subject: Latest from me


Good things to report: I haven't had a vaginal yeast infection in a long time. Sinuses are doing well. My bladder is still improving slowly. I don't have to take the d-mannose any more! I seem to have a little more energy.


Thanks for your continued kind support. I appreciate you so much.



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I started taking Threelac a few weeks ago, one pqt a day, my tongue cleared up slowly, no more ricotta cheese on the tongue! YAY!. But recently I doubled the dosage, one pqt morning, one at night and I started to feel revitalised. My thoughts are clearer, finally. I believe the overgrowth also did a number on my hormones. Well thanks for the help.



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Subject: you may have just saved my life


I found your website after searching for Fibromyalgia support groups. I want to thank you again and let you know that I have been taking ThreeLac and Oxygen Elements Plus for only 4 days and have already noticed great improvement. My pain is greatly decreased and my night sweats have basically disappeared! I am extremely grateful for this new hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel!! Thanks to both you and your wife. Wish me luck!


Gratefully yours,


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Subject: Greetings!


How we're doing:


My husband - rectal itching gone within a couple of days, his memory is improving, dry eyes have cleared up, he isn't requiring as much sleep, he only gets up once in the night, instead of 2 or 3 times, he's just gone off his pain meds.


Our daughter has had no more bloating and stomach pain after eating.


Myself - I can think again!! I've also been off pain meds for a couple of days and I haven't been hurting much, just a little achy. Hands rarely go numb when I sleep now and my feet are feeling more normal than they have in a long time. No more nausea, light-headedness, and the phlegm in the back of my throat is pretty well gone. I feel like I'm starting to live again. I'm not exhausted all the time. I have so much energy now!!


Thanks so much.

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Subject: A Miracle!!!


I found your website and thought WOW, this is what I have been suffering from for 8 years! I had eliminated half of my symptoms through diet and generally staying fit, but the fatigue, sinusitis, food allergies, etc...still were there. Two doses of Threelac with O Elements Plus and OH MY GOD!!!! I haven't felt this good EVER! I do have some die off symptoms but I am keeping my bowels moving and am still feeling amazing!!!!!!!




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Subject: Thank you...


Hello Mark & Alyson,


I'm sure you will want to hear how Karen is doing. She had it pretty rough the first few days ...the last couple of days, about a week into the ThreeLac, she is feeling much better. The "bowel pain" has subsided ...about the 3rd day she really had "grumbly guts" and stayed close to the bathroom. She started taking 2 packets a day about 2 days ago and that's when she really started feeling a lot better. In fact we have a little "Sunshine" for the last couple of days and Karen went out and "pulled weeds" in the flower beds for a little while ....that's Great !! Generally she is feeling "more energy" and I can see the "sparkle" in her eyes again ...that's wonderful ! Her "achey" feelings are much improved ...except toward the end of the day ....when it seems to catch up with her. She's been taking the Oxygen+ drops but we realize there isn't much in the sample bottle ...guess I need to get some more ?? Our "heartfelt Thanks" for sharing your story and "being there" for encouragement ...I'll probably call you sometime if that's OK



Warren & Karen




Hello Alyson,


It's good to hear from you ...Thank You for getting back to me so promptly. Yes, Karen is doing great! ...a little tiredness toward the end of the day ...but, you ought to see her. Just "zooming around" and doing this and that ...cooking, cleaning ...weeding the flower beds ...setting up a garage sale ...she's amazing! ...making me look bad ...Ha! Seriously, ...we are so grateful for Mark sharing your story ...for all the help and support ...again, our heartfelt Thanks to you both.


P.S. ...Karen is still improving ...she has gotten almost all the hearing back in her right ear ...it was completely "plugged up" ...just a slight "ringing" and that seems to be improving day by day. Her "energy level" is still very good ...just "runs out of steam" toward the end of the day ...but that's because she just doesn't want to slow down ...she's a real ambitious person, it's great to see her "back".


(Note from Mark and Alyson: Karen has suffered with this for 16 years)

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You've got an amazing product..I'm a very skeptical shopper and not into holistic items...but this Three lac has improved my life dramatically. I felt the difference 3 hours after I ingested my first packet. I scarfed it down at my office, since I was so earger to tryit. Within 3 hours I could feel a change...but after 2 weeks, I feel like I was in a fog for years...its almost that hung-over feeling without the joy of boozing the night before.....and now, I'm so clear headed and clear feeling... I've cut out white breads, and cut back carbs, but I'm not fanatical. I still enjoy my meals and have wine. Thank you, thank you, thank you for listing yourselves on google..you have changed my life.


Warmest regards,


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I wrote to you sometime ago asking questions about Threelac. I had been undergoing Candida treatment by a naturopath for over three months and I still wasn't feeling well. In fact I felt nauseous everyday. I tried Threelack and oxygen elements when I was at my wits end. Unlike the other products I had tried it was very subtle. Although many of the symptoms got worse during the 'die off' period I didn't feel constantly ill and the die off period didn't seem to last more than a couple of weeks. Infact for the first 2 weeks I didn't think it was working and I wrote to you but you asked me to be patient. When I upped the dosage 2 weeks later I new it was doing something because I started getting some side effects. I had a slight headache throughout the day, I started burping a lot, waking up with a distended belly, getting sinus and I got another case of thrush. I also had the most terrible cravings for sugar which I thwarted by only eating meat, fish or eggs with salad. (I'm not sure if it's good for you while your killing off the yeast but this puts your body into a slight state of ketosis and takes away your apetite after a couple of days. This was the only way I could cope with the sugar cravings and I felt it wasn't much different to the original Candida diets anyway.) During week 4, I suddenly started to see results. I stopped getting up to go to the toilet at night, thrush and tinea cleared up, my stomach became flat for the first time in my life and my period came in exactly 28 days. The best thing was that I stopped chewing gum because the stale taste in my mouth disappeared. My sinuses cleared up and I generally began to feel really well. I spent my entire life with an irregular menstral cycle and now I am still amazed every 28 days when I get my period since I took the Threelac. I haven't had any symptoms back except some sinus and pains in my stomach from overindulging in wine over Christmas. As a preventative I have just started another course of Three Lac because I never want to suffer the way I used to again. I recommend this product to everybody that's ever had thrush, cystitis, irregular periods, abdominal bloating and food allergies. It's no longer necessary to just accept these symptoms as a part of life. Thank you for your website, your product and your fast response to questions.




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Dear Alyson,


Thanks for the latest message. I took your advice with the Threelac and the OE+ drops. After a week of the flu I am very surprised to find myself considerably better. I think I have had a proper immune response to the virus which hasn't happened for years. Also, there seemed to be a definite beginning and end to it whereas normally I can never be sure if I have a virus, I just know I feel worse, and only realise it's a virus because other people around me are getting ill.I I have also had a strange feeling of having energy and wanting to do things whilst being ill with the flu. A few people have said they are surprised that I am over it so quickly as most people are taking about 3 weeks to get better. Unfortunately the symptoms have worsened again. The panicy feelings and nervous tummy have been troubling me again and keeping me awake at night ,so as I was feeling better from the flu I decided to go up to 2 Threelac again yesterday and immediately I had a better night's sleep. I am waiting a few days before I try the OE+ drops again. I realise that I have been ill with Candida for about 36 years and that it might take a little while to get rid of it completely, but I thought I would list the improvements I have had so far: nervous tummy and panicky feelings were better and hopefully will be again soon. depression lifted senses feel more alive People have commented on my voice sounding better and I feel I am getting my personality back irritable bowel symptoms much improved dry mouth and swallowing problems gone blood sugar problems much better. I can get up and make breakfast without having to eat on waking and I can be a bit late for a meal without feeling faint and panicky.I realised I was having a lot of carbohydrate snacks during the day, it was the only way I could get through the day, but now I am having non carbohydrate snacks without my body complaining at all. I am less achey. I went to reverse park my car today and realised I could turn my head to look out of the back window without stiffness or pain. It has been a longterm problem . I have been deaf for the duration of this illness and wear 2 digital hearing aids. During this last year my hearing has become worse to the extent that I couldn't hear the alarm clock in the mornings and had to put it on Michael's side of the bed. About 2 weeks ago I was startled awake by the alarm clock ringing. I'm not saying my hearing is completely cured, but it's much improved. I have also noticed that my hair which was brittle and dry is much softer and my dry, sore hands are now silky smooth. I have impressed myself with this list of improvements. I have pain and heaviness in my legs which comes and goes making getting about difficult . I am hoping this will improve soon. I am really grateful to you and Mark putting up the website as I feel I can start to look forward to my future now.


Best Wishes,

Wendy, UK

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Subject: another success story


Dear Mark and Alyson,


just to say thanks - I read your website and ordered some ThreeLac plus oxygen elements plus - and I have noticed a vast improvement in many of my symptoms.


Firstly for the first time I can remember - I feel generally relaxed - I can take deep breaths - I can sleep more restfully at night - my mood has improved - my outlook is positive - I am not irritable/angry/frustrated (or at least not to the same extent)


My muscles feel looser, especially my neck and shoulders - I have proper feeling back in my left arm for the first time in ages - the tingling and burning in my toes and fingers has all but disappeared.


I don't go to the toilet at least twice a night and incessantly during the day. I put this down previously to drinking so much water - but I had to do this to improve my previous symptoms even slightly (probably upto 3 or more litres a day) - I also couldn't drink coffee/tea/squash or alcohol or eat anything sweet - hopefully this is about to change


The pains everywhere in my abdomen are reducing and I can almost feel the threeLac doing its work - as usual the yeast doesn't go without a fight - hopefully it won't come back this time.


My hypoglycaemia is dramatically better -it got to the stage where I couldn't go more than a few hours without food without suffering bad hypoglycaemic attacks - today I went from breakfast to lunch - without sweats/ panic or dizziness


I can swallow food without pain - and most of the allergies I suffered on eating almost all foods are beginning to subside - the rashes on my scalp/elbows and general itching in eyes/ears/jock itch etc. only flare up later in the day - and I presume this is caused by die off/ or still being on a lower dose.


The blurry vision itching and pain in the eyes has also subsided and I was able to watch the new Lord of the Rings film in relative comfort


Most satisfying is the brain fog has lifted and I suddenly feel like I am back in the world I used to live in (although its that long I had almost forgotten). Also with the improvement in the symptoms so far I can see some light to aim for and I don't see the future slipping into madness. I had complertely lost faith in all doctors after thousands of hospital tests - at least in England it is free -but still very depressing to have tubes put everywhere they can go (with never any definitive answers) and drugs for acidity/ antibiotics for bowel infections/ urinary infections which probably made the problem worse anyway - when Candida had most likely opened the way. I think this started the problem as for years I was on antibiotics for recurring urinary infections due to a diverticulum of the bladder - but eventually I would go back -be bacteria free but be sure the infection had returned - so basically I'm sure the Candida had taken over.


Hopefully the end of this 14 year+ nightmare is at an end and as I am 32 I would very much like to get on with life!!!! This is all thanks to a chance discovery of your site - when searching google for Fungal foot infections! (to check whether the burning of my feet and fingers could be fungal based or neuropathy as I was beginning to suspect) - but anyway that is history and I hope as I feel I will I just continue to improve.


I think I might have an answer and it really was thanks to your site - the testimonials and symptom lists and the fact you were sufferers helped persuade me to give it a go - and so far I am amazed -long may it continue






(Ben is a doctor at a leading University in the UK)

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Subject: Headache


Dear Alyson,


Thanks very much for your reply.It was good to know that the headache wasn't caused by the Threelac and in fact it went the next day.I am always wary of taking anything because in my long experience with this disease anything I have taken that made me feel better made me worse in the long run. My husband, Michael and I have been on Threelac for nearly three weeks now and have experienced lots of improvements. The best for me is being able to sleep at night without waking up several times with nervous tummy, hot sweats and panicky feelings.Michael's chronic sinusitus has improved and we are both feeling much brighter. Thank you also for the rest of the advice which I will try if I get another bad headache.It is very reassuring that you and Mark have been through all this and are both well. It is also good to know that I can email you for advice if necessary.


Thank you once again.


Very best wishes,

Wendy M.

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Mark and Alyson,


Happy New Year!


Today i looked back over the past 6 weeks and i realised i had done things that 'normal' people do. i had the most fantastic holiday in Prague, fillled with energy and heaps of fun. I am even managing to swim some decent lengths at the pool twice a week with out suffering. I really believe my body is not running off the adrenaline gland any more. It is really working as it should!


So, i am still well and still continuing to get better. I am noticing real differences. It is not just physically. My career is really moving now because i have the energy to think and pursue things rather than just struggling through the day.


I hope you too are well and enjoying 2004. I will continue to keep you posted on my health and career!


love Harriet x

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I have been using the ThreeLac product for 2 weeks now. I am amazed at some of the differences. My toes / feet are fungus free. It surprised me as I was putting lotion on yesterday and noticed the difference. I have less pain from the fibromyalgia-even after an amazingly busy holiday season with tons of visiting family staying here for a week. My complexion looks better and I quit using the antibiotic I had used for 9 months daily. My stomach feels so much better--no bloating, no cramping, much better digestion. I am taking one packet each morning, coral calcium, magnesium, citricel softener, and a good natural multi vitamin.


My reason for writing is to ask your suggestions. I was unsure when to increase the dosage to 2 packets. I understand this is a slow process. I have tried different things for years.


Thank you for you assistance. You have been very informative and helpful.



Results may vary.



Subject: Fabulous report!




I feel GREAT! I can't believe how many symptoms this product has relieved! I have so many varied symptoms that I could not get a doctor to really hear my cry for help. My heartburn is GONE. My gas and bloating is GONE! My wife has even noticed the change. I am not belching like a sailor any more. My heart has not skipped a beat since I started taking threelac on Friday. My tender points on my elbows and chest have faded to the point that I have trouble now finding them. My muscles twitches are down to about 25% of what they were. My neck and shoulders are about 50% better and they seem to be improving more each day. Last but not least, I am sleeping more soundly and awaking with more energy. My wife got up today at 5 AM to shower and to get ready for work. I normally do not fall back to sleep easily after the alarm. Today a heard the alarm, and did not hear her shower or get ready for work. I was sleeping that deeply. I awoke a 5:53 AM ready for a new day. Hallelujah!! What good news, Joe! This is one of the best testimonials I have read. Do you mind if I share it with Mark and Alyson Cobb? They love to hear the wonderful results people are getting. It is uplifting for them, too. I have suffered with so much pain and discomfort for so long and outwardly you look fine to everyone you meet. When you tell your loved ones of all your problems, you begin to think they think you are crazy. It is nice to feel vindicated after all these years of suffering. I know how you feel, as I always looked healthy, but just felt lousy all the time. I did wonder if people thought I had a psychological problem. I was actually thankful to get a fibromyalgia diagnosis. At least then I could justify it all in my mind. I had no reason to want to feel horrible. I just hope this is not a cruel trick and threelac stops working for me. That is not something I would anticipate unless your life becomes dramatically more stressful, you take antibiotics, or get sloppy with your diet. We will be here to coach you along. My daughter has had ups and downs with the process, but ultimately the outcome has been life changing for her. Is she a 100% yet? NO, but she is getting close. I am telling people of my experience and I am sure I will have new customers for you soon. That is great. I will look forward to helping them, too.


Thank You


Results may vary.


Wow, the extra fiber I've been taking has helped soo much. My symptoms are getting less and less. I'm on month 6. I am getting better and better.....and the fiber definately makes a difference in getting this crap out of you. :)no pun intended. ha I am doing 3 packs a day, ( just because it gets expensive) and digestive enzymes each meal.


I am noticing my mental state is better, and I feel I am regaining my life back. I feel almost myself again, and notice I do not even think about "Candida" like I obsessivly used to. Wow, you guys, this is an amazing product. It heals.



Results may vary.




Thank goodness we got our order the day we were to run out! Both Victor (son) and I feel terrific. Next week will be a month for us both at 2 packets a day. I keep repeating myself but I can't tell you how grateful I am for your guidance. Hope you are well in Texas!



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Subject: Thanks!


Dear Allison,


I wanted to say thank you for the idea of using the Threelac for vaginal itch directly. I wished I would have thought of it. Almost immediately it stopped. Please pass it along to all who may inquire. Amazing!!


Thanks Again,

Renee S.

(note from Alyson: Renee emptied two gelatin capsules and filled them with ThreeLac)

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Just wanted to thank you for your web site. I've been taking Threelac and I have gone from being completely miserable to feeling great. I didn't think I was ever going to feel well again. I thought I was losing my mind. You saved me from misery. I had Cervical and Thoracic xrays a MRI. I was Rolfed, went to three Chiropractors and a Kinesiologist. The Kinesiologist finally diagnosed me with Candida. Then when I was researching it on the web I happened upon your website. The back and neck pain that has tormented me for years is almost gone. My headache that I have tried everything to get rid of is finally gone. I am so psyched.


Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!


Amy Z

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I have been suffering with a severe recurring hormonal yeast problem ever since the birth of my son over six years ago. Like clockwork, each month I have endured a week of unbearable itching and irritation due to vaginal yeast. I have seen countless OB/GYN and specialists about this problem. I have tried every prescription and over-the-counter medication known to woman. Nothing helped. I grew to mistrust my own body, and would dread this week every month. My misery was also affecting my relationship with my husband. I was desperate. I stumbled upon your web-site, and ordered a can of 3-lac as a last ditch effort to find relief. I have been taking 3-lac now for 3 months and am ecstatic to report that I am now 2 months symptom free!!! I finally feel like I have been given my body back. I am beginning to trust it again and this feels so wonderful. Candida growth that is triggered by hormonal fluctuations is a terrible problem for many women and is one that is rarely discussed. For any woman who shares my misery, please give 3-lac a try. It really seems to be working. Thank you for promoting this product.


Sincerely relieved,


Results may vary.


Dear Mark and Alyson


just over a month ago i sent some frantic emails to you about 3-lac. I decided to try it. I have to tell you that about 4weeks after starting it i feel so much better - it is amazing. I have also been taking something to support the adrenals which were virtually burnt out - but i feel the combination of the 2 has really helped me. I was on a single straw per day for the first 2 weeks then i went up to 2 per day. I had about 4/5 days of feeling not so good - probably die off i suppose, but now i feel alot better.


Thanks again for your support - ironically the supplier of 3-lac here in the uk lives just up the road from me! As a homeopath, i will recommend this product to patients.



Clare R

Results may vary.




I guess that I am not ready to give a "glowing" testimonial yet, but I have been taking Threelac and OE+ for almost two weeks and have seen my acid reflux/heartburn improve and the small sores on my head (I thought caused by allergy to shampoo or hair styling products) have gone. I also have not had a hot flash for several days and prior to starting your product, I was having at least one daily. As I read that, I realize that I have given a fairly glowing testimonial :). I started with 1 Threelac and 3 drops 3 times a day of OE+. After 5 days, I increased the Threelac to 2 and slowly increased the drops to 7 drops 3 times a day. I am also taking extra fiber and magnesium.


I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and had stopped taking any of my medicine prior to discovering your products. In searching the web for a doctor that specialized in Fibro, I found your website and when I answered the questions I was amazed. It made so much sense to me and described how I feel so thoroughly that I knew I had to try both products.



Dorothy H.

Results may vary.


Subject: Sinus


Hi after reading your web page, I ordered 5 months supply for my daughter-in-law, son and myself. My d-i-l has been ill for years with yeast overgrowth - after 2 weeks she has her fingers crossed - she's either having an up-time or the 3 Lac is working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Anyway I was completely stuffed up in the sinuses and my whole face - 3 Lac and the drops has cleared a lot - Thanks for your web page again - heaps.



Results may vary.



At the age of 50 I developed adult onset asthma for "no particular reason". The inhalers and medications my doctor gave me gave some relief but did not treat or get rid of the real CAUSE. After taking Three Lac and OE Plus for several weeks my asthma COMPLETELY went away. That was over 4 months ago and I have not had one single episode. It also gave me considerable relief from my allergies. THANKYOU Mark & Alyson Cobb!!




Results may vary.


Subject: THANK YOU!


I cannot tell you the relief I feel. I will write more later, but I just wanted you to know how your website has changed my life. I am 34 and a stay at home mother of 3 boys who are homeschooled. For the last 5 years I have been getting worse and was told I had Fibromyalgia last year. After reading your web site I sent off for the Threelac and after 3 weeks I am off the sleeping pills and pain Med. I can't tell you the difference. However I feel like you know, I thank you and the Lord for this great gift of a normal life again.


God Bless You and Your wife

Alice L.

Results may vary.


Alyson and Mark


Just an update on how ThreeLac is positively impacting my family. I learned about ThreeLac in July of ' 03 while searching the internet for reasons why my daughter had ulcers in her esophagus and mouth. While reading the symptoms list on your site I found a description of problems different members of my family were having and to our surprise all 4 of us failed the saliva test. My daughter scored very high on the yeast questionnaire. We all began taking ThreeLac and OE+ the third week of July and are so grateful for the blessing of finding these products at the very time we needed them the most.


I have fibromyalgia that began after a severe automobile accident in 1979. I had gotten some serious relief of my symptoms with medicine, exercise, and some natural products. The one thing that continued to cause me distress was that I craved sweets and felt compelled to eat them even when I wasn't hungry. I guess my body was just trying to keep up with the demands of hungry yeast. I have had lots of dental work over the years with many courses of antibiotics. I had pain and rashes in tender areas which would come and go. I had learned to live with these things thinking they were just a result of menopause and decreasing hormones. The first week on ThreeLac I stopped craving sugary foods and found myself making much healthier choices because I was not DRIVEN by cravings. After a couple of weeks on ThreeLac and a little OE+ the tenderness and rash were gone.


My husband was always tired and snored despite having surgery to correct it. During the first 4 weeks that he took ThreeLac he reported that he immediately lost his craving for sweets, and even though he is a slim person he noticed his waistline got smaller. Since my husband always falls asleep before me I was pleasantly surprised to find he had stopped snoring. What a treat for me and healthier for him!


Even though we don't know the exact cause of my daughter's esophageal ulcers (the doctor diagnosed reflux) they seem to have healed as she can swallow without pain now. We think that the many, many courses of antibiotics over the years have gotten her body way out of balance. She did notice that her brain fog lifted after starting the ThreeLac. My daughter Jenna still has a long way to go with getting rid of all the yeast, but she has a good start.


My son takes the ThreeLac for prevention.


I would be happy to talk to anyone about our experiences with ThreeLac and OE+. Thanks Alyson and Mark for sharing the information that led us to these products.



Results may vary.


My stomach hasn't hurt in 5 days! This is great... I guess determination is the key. After 5 weeks of using it I finally am seeing some long-term relief with my worst symptom.


HUGE Improvements I've seen so far:

-Stomach pain nearly all gone

-Hypoglycemic symptoms getting better

-Brain fog/dizziness gone

-Facial discoloration/acne clearing up

-Finger, toes, genital numbness clearing up - sense of smell/taste greatly enhanced

-Feelings of severe depression/obsession have let up a lot

-I don't seem to be as angry as I used to be! Very good for my wife... :)


I'm still very encouraged... the stomach pain was so debilitating and discouraging. My wife has noticed a large amount of genital numbness leaving and is greatly encouraged by that. Our son still seems to hold better attention and is behaving better. We start our daughter on it today. Just thought I'd email you my encouragement and an update on our progress.






FYI -Our son is learning at an incredible pace! He is only 2 1/2 and can formulate complete sentences. He is very obedient and a couple of days ago he woke up and ran to me, happily saying, "Daddy! No owwie in my tummy!". Our baby daughter has been on it for a week or so and I have seen a lot less fussiness and more general contentment.

Results may vary.



hi Mark and Alyson,


I just wanted to give you a quick update as I know you said you like


to hear from your customers. I started on Threelac and OE Plus approx 1 and a half months ago, due to systemic yeast/fungal overgrowth. My major symptoms were terrible brain fog, fatigue, bloatedness, constipation, and some others. I started on 1-2 packets a day and the 21 drops of OE per day. I found that after 3 weeks my brain fog was gone and I could think again! I have not been >able to think clearly for years, and it has been so bad in the past year that I was afraid to go on a job interview (I’m out of work) because I couldn’t remember how I did my jobs! Needless to say, I am ecstatic about having mental clarity again. I feel like this was a gift from God – that He led me to find this product through you!


Thank you so much, and may God bless you for your testimony – without it I may never have ordered this product.



Laura B.

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I went ahead and tried ThreeLac. It really does work. I could feel it clearing my sinus area and eustation tubes after about 10 days. I started on one packet a day and gradually moved up to three. I had been on a low sugar/carb diet for a while and used herbal anti-Candida treatment. I stopped the herbs when starting Threelac.


I've stuck to the diet until starting a slow return to a more normal diet today. I would hope that if there is more remaining, and it starts to grow, the ThreeLac will multiply and control it quickly.


Oh to have had Threelac 15 years ago!


I'm considering adding oxygen elements plus hoping that it proves as beneficial as Threelac


I'm pleased to say that I'm thinking clearly again. My mouth isn't dry and I can talk more easily. My digestion is better. Still got some tinitus.


I would expect to see any further improvement happen more slowly from now on but I intend to continue with ThreeLac. I think I've had this something like 20 years after three sinus operations (followed by antibiotics and then more antibiotics when I reported sinus pain) starting at 18. I think it will take some time for a full recovery. It's great to be feeling so much better!


Thanks for your help and advice.



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Dear Gabriel,


My health has been improving since starting to take ThreeLac 4 weeks ago. I have been suffering with health problems for the past 30 years since being on a prolonged course of antibiotics. Many times in the past I thought I had slain the 'monster' only for it to re-emerge despite taking BioCare Bio-Acidophilus daily for the past 7 years.. This time I am confident I am going to win the battle. I thought you would like to know that I have been recommending ThreeLac to friends and relations whom I think have a similar problem to me. You have already received an order from my daughter from Ewhurst, and I am expecting a friend from Ealing, to place an order in the next few days.


With best wishes

Nigel C., UK

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Hi Mark


lemme give you some update on threelac. I must tell you that this is the only supplement that works against Candida for me .. its great i had a severe Systemetic yeast/fungal overgrowth that alomost made me die u know mark , i tried Primal defense ,aloe vera, fatty acids, 10 probiotics preperations ,coloidal silver, caprylic acid , grapefruit seed but nothing seemed to be working and i was a way to hell.But luckily i found three lac and its more than a month on it and looks like i am 40% cured on all the symptoms( nothin short of a miracle).


Many thanks and Regards


Gabriel M.

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Hi Alyson,


 I started taking treelac June 28, 03 .On first day I took 1 treelac & 3 drops of Oxygen Elements+, chest pain & joint pain stop, I had control of bladder, more energy ,I am still on same amount 8 weeks later I still have a ways to go, I feel alive for the first time in my life.

Helen P.


Update: I had liver spots on my arm to my elbow, all spots could see no skin, I ask Dr. about it , he said go to any nursing home & all old people have them,as long as there is no rise in them its ok, now can see skin, started to clean up after 3 months of 1 ThreeLac & 3 drops of Oxygen, I now been able to move up a drop a week until now I am up to 7 drops a day.on Oxygen, thats a great inprovement for me.


Had a blood test, wrote on comments- excellen blood work.



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Thanks for your letter, suggestions and advice.


I signed up for the wholesale rate on ThreeLac this past week after having purchased a can about a month ago from a retailer on the web. I've been taking anywhere from two to three packets a day from the beginning and I'm almost finished with the first can. I can't say that I've had any noticeable side effects, but I've had great results with my most visible and annoying problem. I've had what I call "terminal athlete's feet" for many, many years. Not between the toes, but on both heels. Unless I kept applying one of the over-the-counter athlete feet's medications on a regular basis, each heel would split open in three or four places, all the way into the red meat (so to speak).


My doctor wasn't any help.


Over the past decade, I've tried many, many home remedies. I think some of them helped, but even in those times when I wasn't nursing split heels, I could tell the skin and tissue on my heels was yellowed and not normal. I could tell something (not good) was still perculating inside, just waiting for me to miss a week or so of not using an over-the-counter medication. Because I've had the nasty habit of peeling strips of dead skin off my heels, partly with the idea of getting the creams to the heart of the problem, I had also developed fungal problems in my fingernails. Not a really bad problem, but it was obvious to me that the infection was there. There was also some discoloration in the toenails, especially the big ones. I've been worried that these nail problems would continue to get worse over time, unless I did something. As I said earlier, I've been using ThreeLac for almost a month and the progress with my heels has been great. I could see the improvement almost immediately. The dead and yellowed skin is almost gone, and there's been no hint of cracking at all. I've also seen signs that the nail infections are regressing. If this continues, my heels should be back to normal by the time I've used up the second can. And while it's great that ThreeLac seems to be eliminating my long-standing problem with athlete's feet, I'm fully aware that eliminating this underlying problem from my system will be helping my health in many other, more subtle ways. Luckily for me, I can't say that I have any signficant health problems at age 49, but I also understand that serious health problems develop over time. I'd much rather deal with underlying problems before they undercut my health in major ways. In closing, thank you for making this great product available.



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Hi! I meant to send you an e-mail about my progress. Actually I am now taking 4 packets of 3LAC a day. There have been many improvements in my health the most noticeable is the level of energy. I no longer feel the need for naps. Yeah! I don't ache as much but the arthritis is still there. I did stop taking any pain medications even an aspirin because I am so tired of drugs. I feel that even an aspirin would hamper my progress. I take Arnica if I need something and it helps. I am able to do stuff I had trouble doing, so I do know I am the road to recovery. It is slower then I would like but it is moving.


I still am having a lot of trouble losing weight but I am hoping it will pick up soon. I feel better then I have in a few years so that is what I am focusing on.


I should have told you about my counts. They have gone down. I also started the South Beach Diet and since that they have gone down even more. I go on Monday to the Endo doc and will get my results of my A1C test but I know it will be good. I have been taken off 1 of the diabetic drugs that I was on and hope to be taken off 1 other. My counts are under 100 almost all the time now.


Thanks for the tip on the Magnesium and B but I do take them both. That helped so much with my muscle problem.


I will keep in touch. I am feeling so good we are taking a cross country trip starting Sept 11 and coming home around Oct 25. I am looking forward to it.


hoping all is well with you and Alyson, Eileen

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Hey guys,


Hope you are both doing well.


I just thought I'd let you know that I have just come off the best weekend I have had in 11 years. I really felt well for most of the weekend. My whole mental outlook has improved and the clarity in my thinking and general concentration is so much better. It kinda feels really weird actually. There's still a long way to go I guess, and many more symptoms to get rid of, but compared to how I have been feeling over the past 11 years, what I am feeling now is bliss.


Can you tell me, will I progressively get better and better, and the symptoms go away bit by bit? If thats the case, then I am in for a hell of a ride over the next few weeks and months. Should I go to two packets now, or just wait a little longer? As you can tell, I am keen to put this beast to rest once and for all. I feel like this product is a drug.


Your thankful Aussie pal.








This stuff is wonderful. I can't believe whats happening to my body and my mind. I am actually starting to sleep really well, and wake up and look forward to the day. I often find myself over the last couple of weeks just sitting still peacefully, enjoying the feelings I have in my body, and thinking about whats happening. Its amazing.


I am doing really well and am delighted with my progress.


This stuff is the best thing I have ever come across.


How wonderful it is to feel this way.



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Dear Alyson and Mark,


I started taking ThreeLac and Oxygen Elements Plus about 6 weeks ago and have gotten amazing results. It's wonderful and I so much thank you for supplying the information about yeast infections. I believe I've been looking for these answers all my life.


Something that I've realized since taking the O+ and ThreeLac, is that I can sing. I never could carry a tune and was dismissed from music as a child for singing off key. And, I loved to sing...just had to make sure no one was in ear shot, because it did sound aweful. Shortly after starting ThreeLac and O+, my daughter and I were trying to sooth my granddaughter who was crying in the backseat as we drove home from fireworks late 4th of July. She started to sing patriotic songs and I joined in. I was able to harmonize with her and I was elated that it was sounding good to me. When we finished our first song, my daughter exclaimed, "WOW, that was good, Mom! Let's do some more." My granddaughter stopped crying and we continued to enjoy singing the rest of the way home.


I've also noticed that I can speak better. It seemed that what I wanted to say would get jumbled and not come out. I'd get tongue tied and stumble over what I wanted to say. It was embarazzing and frustrating. Maybe since the brain fog has lifted, the ear pressure has ended, and my head has cleared up that it's enabled me to get things out clearly. I don't know exactly, but I'm really pleased with this benefit.


Mark was so correct in his assessment that Systemic Yeast Infections is the "Monster" inside. I spent years training and receiving holistic healing with energy work and during a treatment, I actually saw the face of my monster inside. It caused all kinds of emotional problems, depression, and stopped me from realizing my full potential. I feel that so many things are possible now that I can get rid of my monster. I want to be part of helping spread the word about these fabulous products and how they can help so many sufferers.


Thank you so much for all your help and support.



Diane B.

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Dear Allyson,


Thank you for responding to my e-mail. I have been on three-lac for not quite a month and I am astounded with the results. I am still taking antifungals however I am weening myself off of it since the three-lac has helped me soo much. I have been on antifungals for many years on and off and I had been feeling as though it was not working for me anymore. The first day I started taking the three-lac I felt better. It is a wonderful product. I am going to tell my physician about this product (she treats people with yeast/fungal overgrowth almost exlusively). I am so pleased with three-lac. I will most definitely re order through you and your husband. I thank God for this product...it has been the only supplement that has helped me in years. I know that this product can constipate you however I find that I am going 2 to three times per day since taking it. I have also found that taking a flax seed oil supplement with every meal keeps the bowels functioning to their optimum. You might want to pass that on to your readers on your web site.


Thanks for your time ...


Results may vary.


I ordered the three lac and hydroxygen and the day I received it was the Best day I have had in 10 years! I have been fighting depression,onset diabetes,fungal infections(from Hades! ),hip pain no one really knows what has caused it,itchy,itchy skin,headaches,ect. You name it and I have it. I was skeptical about this product but I am here to say THANK YOU and I thank God for letting me find this sight. I was hurting so bad from a fungal(vaginal) infection and I took the Three lac and Hydroxygen Plus and in 3 houre I was having very very little pain. Oh how wonderful I felt. I noticed the next day that as I got into the truck that my hips did not hurt so bad anymore and I can now get into and out of the bath tub with out help and do not have to use a chair to sit in the tub!I can never tell you how great it feels not to have these problems and not to have the "brain fog"! This is truely an amazing product and all I can tell people is try it just one month. I have been calling everyone I know and even talk to strangers about it. THANK YOU THREE LAC! GOD BLESS! Debra Fellers You can add my contact address--i am so happy and want to tell the world--thank you again for all your support.



Results may vary.


"I have been using ThreeLac for 6 months together with Hydroxygen Plus. In a determined effort to be rid of my problems, I also cut down my intake of sugar and dairy products, but not as extremely as recommended by most anti-Candida literature.


I am pleased to report that, for the first time for 5-6 years, I have been completely thrush-free for the past 4-5 weeks. I have so much energy, I feel 20 years younger!! And have a much more positive outlook on my life in general. My life has been transformed.


As I have had relapse binges of chocolate on more than one occasion, I have to attribute much of my improved symptoms to ThreeLac and Hydroxygen Plus. It claims to work without having to adhere to strict dietary restrictions and in my opinion it works - or it has for me. Interestingly enough, for the first time in 20 years I'm not suffering from hayfever this year either."


Janet - - England


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So I wanted to let you know that I finally beat the infection, and I think it was mostly the threelac. By the time I found a doctor who specialized in breastfeeding medicine, I think it was on its way out because she cultured my nipples but found that the yeast wasn't growing anymore when coupled with milk. She was all prepared to do a three week course of antifungals, but so far I haven't had to go there. She did give me an ointment which was anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and with a little bit of steroid, and that seemed to really do the trick. I told her about threelac and she is going to check it out. Thanks again.


all best,


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Hey Alyson, I'm feeling really good. That stuff is a life saver. I'll never stop using it.


Amanda C.

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hi alyson


hi, thanks for the advice,yes the stuff is working , 3lacs working great-just started the hydroxygen +.also , thanks again for the uk contact-very quick and efficien delivery:O).still eating conservatively but generally more awake,energized and clearer thinking-alive!for the 1st time in ages,again thanks to you and mark for having the website in the 1st place because we wouldnt have known otherwise,


jim uk

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I hope my phone message was clear. I used straight drops 3 times a day for 3 days now. ALL blisters in mouth & tongue are GONE; all blisters on hands are gone; and the skin has finally quit peeling on my fingers. Only blisters left are on my feet and they're getting better - just harder to heal wearing socks & shoes I guess. I will use H+ as a soak now. It did burn like hell but IT WORKED!!!!!!!! LY! Katie Ed.: (Katie was diagnosed with Raynaud's a few months ago. While we don't recommend using H+ full strength on broken skin, but a dilution, she had success with it. She's one tough cookie is all we can say).

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I am doing great! Even on my off days I am better then I have been in years. There are still somethings I can't do, like drink coffee...and my intestines certainly cannot tolorate any perscription drugs. I was taking paind meds for my old aching bod and within 4 days I was back to feeling horrible. So as long as I stick to good things for my body I have my life back!!!! Thanks for putting your story out into the world for me to find and taking the time to talk to me. My life is truly changed for the better.


Gotta go play in my garden, hope your having a great summer.



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Hi Alyson*(and Mark)


I just want you to know that at present I feel very well.. I have come off of my hormone replacement, no more anti depressants.. I only take the Three Lac and 1 dose of Hydroxygen.. and feel very well!


People are commenting on how different I seem. I have also lost 15lbs (perhaps more) getting weighed tonight.. all my bloating has gone.. my I B S has improved no end. I do not have the muzzy head and the noise in my ears.. Hoorah... I hope it stays this way! Hope you're both ok. Lovely to speak to Mark the other week! Keep in touch. Regards Sheila

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Mark, I am Sherry , I spoke with you Monday.


Wanted to check in, I have been feeling better this week than I have in, oh gosh, for sure a year. I believe this stuff is eating this yeast up. My eyes have been better this week.....fatigue has also been better, ALOT better.


I've been doing threelac now twice a day for 8 days. I believe it has made a difference. The die off is easier than anything I've taken. And I even cheated and had ice cream the other night, and beers. Usually that would make me sick, I woke up fine the next day.


If this stuff works Mark, I will personally send you a dozen roses......I cannot believe it so far. I've spent sooo much $ on other treatments and this is all I needed. Geezz! I have a new light and the end of this long dark tunnell. So glad I found your website.


Sherry E.

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Aloha Mark!


What a nice surprise to hear from you! Sorry for the delay in responding to your email.


We've been traveling to a few of the other islands and finally got settled back into things here.


So far, Wanda is doing great, and is very happy with the 3-Lac results. Her asthma seems to have disappeared. She even sent the products to her mother who suffers from severe allergies. She is still waiting on those results. Thanks so much for your interest in us. I hope all is well with you guys too, and I'll stay in touch as things progress.


Thanks again and Aloha!


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Hi Mark,


I would to thank you for your very informative website. After reading your website, it left me nothing to ponder but my health.


My Father has been very ill for several years now, with extremely congested sinuses, erratic heart beats, short of breath, coldness and dizziness to name a few that are caused by moisturisers, hand creams, shower gels and even some washing powders etc. Again, steriods were used by the doctors to 'mask' the cause and address the symptoms with not a great deal of success. He has been taking ThreeLac & H+ with me for 2 weeks, and his health has improved dramatically, even in the first week. He has also had bowel problems in the past, and since taking ThreeLac, he has returned to "human" bowel motions.


Thank You. And once again, thank you for your website and introducing my Father and I to this great product. If there is one thing I am proud of doing in my life, it is finding this product and curing my Father of his ills.


Kris G.

24, Australia.

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Hi Folks...


Things are going well with us. My red face has improved noticibly,,,my energy level has increased, which is why we decided to order the Hydroxogen + this time…Craigs rosacea is holding it’s own without the help of antibiotics…and over all, I am starting to feel much better….little by little.




Results may vary.


I very much appreciate your website. Please tell anyone considering taking Threelac that it has helped my long-term (over 20+ years) of recurrent ear infections. What a gift this has been! I would like to spread the word that this product could help children with recurrent ear infections and adults. If anyone would like to ask myself any questions regarding this, they may contact myself through Mark and Alyson. ThreeLac has also given relief to my husband --vision problems that we didn't realize were related to yeast overgrowth--blurred vision, etc. has been cleared! My constant yeast infections have totally been erased! The itching in my ears, constipation, foggy thinking, etc. has been cleared---I also have symptom relief of constant urinary track infections and vaginal yeast infections---particularly, NO pain was experienced during my last menstrual cycle which I know was a result of the elimination of yeast as I have experienced some relief in the past with other anti-Candida products--but with results not nearly so dramatic as with ThreeLac.


My daughter had constant ear infections last year and people were really wondering about her hearing---we are not wondering this year! she is doing great. She missed 19 days of school last year and 0 so far this year :) I think of how different my life was--and pinch myself. My daughter even said today out of the blue, "ThreeLac is great--I can swim so much now and last year I couldn't or I would get an earache." :) thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for changing so many people's lives! It's just wonderful--we need to keep educating others!




(Note from Mark and Alyson: Brenda has experienced a lifetime of chronic ear infections, blocked tubes, and hearing fluctuations that have been eliminated with the use of ThreeLac. She also has a Masters of Education in Rehabilitation Counseling in Deafness and Hearing Loss and would be able to answer questions regarding the use of ThreeLac in providing relief for ear infections or hearing loss difficulties.)

Results may vary.


Mark & Alyson:


Just a short note to tell you the latest. I have cut back to one packet a day and finished my first 60 packets. I really have been feeling better. I am not depressed and do not have the sharp shooting pains. I have more energy now and I really did not realize how little energy I had before. My life is so busy as a stock broker and as a bishop in the Mormon church, I really don't often have time to think about being tired. I just keeping going.


I keep a journal of how I'm feeling and I have been forgetting to write in it because I feel fine.


I have been so hesitant to believe I am getting better because I have been disappointed so many times in the past. I have been to 9 doctors concerning this and none have helped. I cautiously say I am optimistic, you know what a skeptic I have been. It is hard to believe something off the shelf has helped more than 9 doctors.


Thanks for your encouragement and help, this is the first relief in three long painful years.


Allan D.

Results may vary.


Dear Mark,


Just wanted to let you know that I made my first order of Three-Lac about a month ago. Almost instantly I noticed a difference. This product is a miracle. I may always be susceptible to yeast problems but with Three-Lac on my side, I won't suffer with it like before. Thank you.


Kathryn B.

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Dear Mark,


I’m not sure if you remember who I am we talked over the phone about a month ago regarding problems I’ve been having with a Systemic Yeast Infection, I even had surgery and it still did not cure that thing that was growing out of my belly button well I just had to email you and tell you the difference I’ve been feeling, I am a new person with so much energy and health I feel five years younger mentally physically and emotionally knowing that this thing no one in the medical community could cure had disappeared completely! My body doesn’t not ache anymore and I literally jump right out of bed my hair is back to it’s original type no longer looking fried and no more itching anywhere!! I can go on and on describing the differences but I’m sure you know all about what I’m feeling having recovered yourself from this. Please keep up the great work and keep distributing this product it is the ultimate cure for that horrible plague, you really are doing people are favor by distributing this stuff and I just got through ordering my second shipment eventually I think I will start distributing this stuff in my community not even for a profit just for contribution!!


Once again


Thank you so much


Peter B.

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Thank you for changing my life. I now no longer have those pesty yeast infections that were driving me nuts and I can think more clearly too. I would like to sell some of these products because I truly believe that they are valuable to people.




J London

Results may vary.


“I had a systemic yeast infection for many years. Last year it got so bad that I was in bed for two months, hardly able to function. I went to five or six doctors and had a lot of tests done at a cost of $10,000. They found nothing. Finally, one doctor put me on antifungal meds. It covered up my symptoms but didn't get rid of the infection. I was supposed to be on it for two to six months, but got severely sick whenever I tried to wean myself off it. I was told to never go off antifungal meds "cold turkey" or I would get the symptoms back three times as bad. I took antifungal meds for 11 months.


“I started taking ThreeLac on April 30, 2002. I took myself off antifungal meds "cold turkey," and never felt sick or had adverse reactions. Eleven days later the overgrowth was completely GONE! I feel better than I have in years.

Results may vary.


I thank God and Global Health Trax for THREELAC! A new and significant door has opened for me to be able to enjoy life at its fullest. For twenty years I had been looking for answers for the physical issues that left me tired and "worn out" long before my time. "Worn out" was my Daddy's term for his tiredness before he got out of bed each morning. He never found the answer, and I seemed to inherit the problem. My problem was getting increasingly worse. I had to fight yeast infections and could not tolerate sugar. I suffered with an "unknown" rash that was maddening. Doctors didn't know what it was. About ten years ago I heard my symptoms referred to as a systemic yeast/fungal overgrowth and began to suspect that was the culprit. It was true that I had been given many antibiotics as a child. I had to keep my yeast/bacterial balance in check with daily acidophilus. I had a loud ringing in my ears that never quit and a tendency to infections, viruses and general bad health. This past summer while I was serving a Christian missionary term in Ghana, West Africa, I read a book about controlling Candida. The author was calling for a personal commitment to eat a diet of only selected vegetables. I laughed. I was getting zero portions of vegetables in my African diet. That laugh was the beginning of a new life for me. I had with me the Global Health Trax product THREELAC. It was already making such a difference in my body. I continued my daily diet of chicken and rice and fruit. It was the first summer in Africa that I didn't get malaria, diarrhea, or a sinus infection. Thanks to Global Health Trax's THREELAC and other nutritional products, I was never tired! Today, at sixty-three years of age, my life holds promise.




Results may vary.


I received my ThreeLac on Friday, October the 25th. I was hesitant to start it right away, because I reasoned that if it worked, then it must really taste bad. HA! The joke was on me! It tasted wonderful! I found this out on Saturday, October 26th. I took one packet early Saturday afternoon. Saturday night when I went to bed, I took two packets. I was not itching and scratching either Saturday night or Sunday morning! By the 29th and since then, all the moist, hidden places on my body have not itched me one little bit -- Gone! Gone! Gone! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Results may vary.


WOW! I am so excited to share my experience using ThreeLac. I have a long-standing back injury and nerve disease that can be extremely painful. The great news is that since I have started using ThreeLac, my recovery time has shortened significantly when I inflame my back. Even simple exercise causes my back to "flare up" and then my nerve disease reacts and "goes wild." It can affect my thought processing, my eyesite, and my motor function along with being very painful. I have been taking HGH at Night during the day to ease the pain during these flare ups and have experienced great relief. The difference is that since taking ThreeLac, the inflammation in my back lasts only a few hours to a day, rather than several days! Thus, the amount of reaction from my nerve disease has also decreased significantly. I knew that I had a lot of yeast/fungus that I needed the ThreeLac for, but I didn't realize what a tremendous difference it would make in these other areas. I am so thankful to God for a body that will heal and so thankful to Global Health Trax for products that nourish my body to enable it to do so! To all of you, NEVER give up hope no matter what you are told! I feel better than I have in years!

Results may vary.


Your new product ThreeLac will be one of the most exciting products for Global Health Trax yet. I am finding a great need to get rid of systemic yeast problems for so many, many clients who have been so used to antibiotics in the past that this is now a major problem in America. A client of mine used antifungal meds for eleven months, and I still found two types of Candida yeast and four types of Aspergillus. After she had taken ThreeLac two times daily for eleven days, I found no Candida yeast or Aspergillus. She had no side effects and she stopped her antifungal meds cold turkey on her own with not a problem.


"I am a very hard person to convince. But let me say I am convinced about ThreeLac. I have had health problems for years because of a low thyroid. I started ThreeLac in October and here it is February and I'm still well. I used to be sick with something, ear infections, yeast infection, viruses, sinusitis, etc. every two weeks. Many of the guys at work have called in sick because of viruses and I have made it though it all, I think because of ThreeLac. I feel this is a hair short of a miracle. For me anyway. To not be sick as long as I have is unbelievable, but true. If anyone has a low thyroid they will understand what it is like and how important it is to stay well so we can fight for the next day to feel better.


If anyone knows how awful it is to have yeast infections, I also had it in my mouth, and not be able to get rid of it knows how important it is to try anything that works. Try ThreeLac, it works. I am so happy I found it. It has changed my life. I'm ready to start the next day and feel like living it too!"


Dorothy H.

Results may vary.


"I started taking ThreeLac approximately 1 month ago, and it has improved my overall health. I was extremely tired and experienced headaches prior to taking ThreeLac. It seemed to 'clear my head' and I started having the energy levels that I remember having as a kid. I am very pleased with the product."


Debbie W

Results may vary.


"My husband suffers from an occasional painful and unsightly cold sore. Not anymore ! I put him on ThreeLac and the blister gave up the ghost. Disater averted. Go ThreeLac !"



Results may vary.


I discovered ThreeLac through my brother-in-law. I have been dealing with regular bouts of fatigue and decided to treat my-self for systemic yeast infection. I feel that ThreeLac was a large part of my improvements. Greatly improved energy and sleeping patterns. I would recommend taking the challenge you can't go wrong.



Results may vary.


"I am 23 years old and have been battling with a weak respiratory system for years. Unfortunately, I have asthma on top of that. One day after feeling miserable for days with poor breathing and asthma, a friend gave me some of her ThreeLac to try. Skeptically, I agreed to try the product. To my surprise, I was feeling better within days. I felt so much of an improvement."


Thank You!!!!


Heather M.

Results may vary.


"I have been suffering from chronic sinus infections for nearly a year, and even after countless antibiotics and even surgery, I have had a difficult time staying healthy. Now, after two weeks of ThreeLac treatment, i feel that it's boosted my immune system, and gained back much of it's natural defenses against colds and irritations that would often result in more serious problems.


I plan to continue a maintenance dosage for the foreseeable future, and hope it helps anyone with similar symptoms."


Thank you, Rosales.






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